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by ShaunKing on November 28, 2010 · 8 comments

For the past 2 years @ Courageous Church, we have done an amazingly popular series called 100 Life Goals (Click there for the free podcasts of the series as well as other downloadable resources to help you chart 100 Life Goals).  I am teaching the final message of the series this morning and wanted to share my 100 Life Goals.  Making them public is a bit difficult, because these goals are personal and fit within how I understand the world, but they may not all make sense to you.

Listening to the podcasts will show you how to set up your own goals and provide a biblical push for having a clarified vision for your life.  I will mark these goals done when they are done and I will also add a few more to the list as time goes one…for instance – when I get to know our 1 year old daughter a little better :-)

We are encouraging you to publish these online so you’ll never lose them.  We will be using - a free, super simple tool.

Here you go:

(Many of the goals below are in progress)

Giving Goals

Leave my wife & kids $1,000,000 or more if I die - DONE (Life Insurance)
Give away 50% of my personal income during at least one calendar year
Give at least 10% of my income to the church for the rest of my life
Write a personal check for $100,000 (or more) for a cause

Impact/Influence Goals

Be a featured speaker @ Catalyst – DONE
Rescue 10,000 people from slavery around the world (In Progress)
Build a school/home for 100 disabled kids in Haiti – (In Progress)
Speak @ Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem -DONE
Start a private Christian high school in inner city Atlanta
Start a daily YouTube devotional in 2011 and build it to have 1,000 regular viewers (In Progress)
Read the Bible in a year
Lead 100,000 Atlantan’s into an exciting relationship w/ God (In Progress)
Help start 10 new churches in Haiti by 2020
Build a great campus for Courageous Church in the city of Atlanta by 2020
Build a mack daddy YMCA in the city center of Atlanta
Provide full-time employment for 20 people by 2015 (In Progress)
Write 15 books that get great reviews on (In Progress)
Take 1,000 Courageous Church members to the mission in Haiti (In Progress)
Train pastors in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, India, China, North Korea
Preach to non-Christians in the 10 most non-Christian countries of the world
Help 100 inner city Atlanta students get their passports and travel to Haiti (In Progress)
Have 100,000 followers on Twitter (In Progress)
Have 10,000 “fans” on Facebook (In Progress)
Film an award-winning documentary
Write a screenplay or book that is made into a movie
Teach for at least one semester at a college
Sit on the Board of Trustees at Morehouse College…again
Win an elected office position
Build a school for girls in Afghanistan with Greg Mortenson

Financial Goals

Pay off all debts except for student loans by 2012 (In Progress)
Pay of all student loans in half of their scheduled time
Build a house that fits the needs of my family
Have zero debt for my family
Pay off Disney Vacation Club in half of the time
Make one million dollars in a year of profit off of for-profit business venture
Support my mother and Rai’s mother in their retirement years
Help provide start up funds for business ideas my kids have

Friends Goals

Take 5 pastor friends to visit the mission in Haiti
Go on a father/son camping trip with friends
Start a for-profit social media consulting company with a few friends

Family Goals

Help Rai get an Advanced Degree
Start a successful campaign with Rai to outlaw racy billboard advertisements
Celebrate 50 years of marriage with Rai (In Progress)
Raise children that are self sufficient, loving of people & God (In Progress)
Raise children that follow the will of God for their lives (In Progress)
Take family on 4 international missions trips
Create annual traditions of service to others
Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Kendi
Get Kendi first class guitar & voice lessons
Go back to Seattle with family (Trip Planned)
Send Tae to a Top Notch Culinary School
Dress up like a pirate with EZ @ Disney World -DONE
Ride a great roller coaster with my wife and all 5 of my kids
Take Rai on an amazing trip to Hawaii (Trip Planned)
Visit Disney World for Christmas with family
Take the entire family to the mission in Haiti (Planning Trip)
Take Rai to South Africa
Take my mother to Savannah (Planning Trip)
Send my mother to an award-winning play
Take Rai to an amazing concert with amazing seats
Spend one special day a month with one of our kids each month
Go backpacking with my brother Jason
Own a family home on or near the beach in Bonneau, Haiti

Physical Goals

Have a Six-Pack by 2012
Go to a Mountain Climbing School for a Week -DONE
Attempt a Climb of Mt. Rainier with by 2012 (Trip Booked)
Workout 3-4 days a week for 60 minutes a day for 30 years straight
Hike along the Appalachian Trail
Climb the highest mountain in Haiti
Attempt to Climb the Seven Summits (Planning Now)
Have a home gym that we use regularly
Hike up Stone Mountain with a 45 lbs. pack 10 times
Drink 100 ounces of water per day every day
Eliminate all fast food by 2012

Random Stuff

Own an RV
Go to a UFC Live Event & Meet Dana White
Get a laundry room big enough for my big family (In Progress)
Get  great family photos taken every 2 years (In Progress)
Meet Nelson Mandela
Take a workshop with Dr. Andrew Weil
Talk with Oprah Winfrey on her show & thank her for my college scholarship -DONE
Write a biography on Donny Hathaway
Take an advanced GRE Prep Course & Nail the GRE
Earn a PhD before age 40
Meet President Obama while he is President
Visit the White House

Skills Goals

Learn how to effectively use a telescope
Take some serious cooking classes
Take an advanced handgun course
Take a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu workshop
Take a self-defense class
Take a video editing class

Travel Goals

Visit 10 National Parks with the family
Drive across the country in an RV with the family
Take family to Mt. Everest Base Camp
Take family to Disneyland & Disney somewhere else in the world (In Progress)
Visit ancient churches around the world (needs more work)
Visit 7 wonders of the world (needs more work)
Visit Israel
Follow the journey of Paul in Rome/Greece, etc.
Visit Brazil

  • @ruffhouze

    I would like to be a part of this one –> Start a private Christian high school in inner city Atlanta

  • Tara

    Great Goals, Shaun. Go for it.. I didn’t see a single thing that looked impossible. :)

  • DisneyCyndi

    If anyone can do this, you can! Look forward to seeing your goals realized.

  • Chad Smith

    When you visit President Obama please take me with you!
    And me and Javier have worked on several campaigns(and all of them have won) so when you need help when running for elected office, ask us to help out.

  • @ChrisChase101

    My buddy Kyle Reed just sent this to me. Great stuff. My life seems without direction in light of this. Thanks for the push towards being better in every area of life.

  • rodlie

    Very cool. And bold. I'm trying to think if I could even come up with 100. I think I'm going to give it try, though.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Heather G

    I like these goals:

    Train pastors in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia, India, China, North Korea
    Preach to non-Christians in the 10 most non-Christian countries of the world
    Build a school for girls in Afghanistan with Greg Mortenson

    Can I do it with you?

  • passionburnswithin

    I love your goals Shaun some of them I share with you. I admire your audacity when you say you want to be a featured speaker at a huge conference that is the type of goal I share but am afraid to admit for fear of sounding arrogant and lofty.

    I also admire your goals to make a difference. I yearn to make the impact you are but sometimes don't know where to start. Thanks for the inspiration and good luck achieving your goals

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