My Decision to Become a Full-Time Coach

by ShaunKing on June 19, 2014 · 1 comment

For years I’ve had people ask if I’d consider coaching them, but I’ve always said no for two main reasons:

1. I’ve always been way too busy to commit to doing an excellent job.
2. Until now, I’ve thought of myself as a player/performer and not as the coach.

As you may know, I’ve spent the past 3+ months with my family living in South Africa, Paris, and London. During this time, for the first time in my adult life, I transitioned out of every job and commitment and business venture I have so that I could properly position myself to guide people through life for a living. It’s my passion. It’s what I love and I’d like for you to consider making me your coach and guide through life.

As a part of my new coaching program, you will be my primary coaching client and the center of my professional life. I will be fully and completely committed to guiding you through every aspect of your life, making strong suggestions, advising you on key decisions, encouraging you daily, and pushing you to achieve what you never thought possible.

My coaching will be completely customized just for you and will focus on seven key areas of your life:

  • Generosity
  • Health & Fitness
  • Career & Finance
  • Spiritual & Emotional
  • Travel
  • Friends & Family
  • Personal Accomplishments & Experiences

Based on a comprehensive assessment and your personal preferences, we can always choose to focus on your most pressing needs, but my responsibility is to ensure you live a life of balanced strength. Here is what you will receive as a part of your monthly coaching membership.

  • As a client, you will be my highest professional priority.
  • 60 minutes a month of scheduled private coaching time via online web chats, phone, or in person meetings when possible. A $199 per month value. ((I’ve been providing one hour phone consultations at this rate for years.))
  • Full membership to Life Goals University – the 12 month online training I lead to help you set and pursue 100 Life Goals. I’ve taken over 1,000 people through this training. The next session begins in early July. This online education system is made up of weekly video lessons that you can view and digest at your own pace each week. I use a curriculum I’ve honed for years and teach most of the lessons myself. A $67 a month value.
  • A comprehensive and holistic assessment of your life with a customized strategy plan. A $2,000 value, each assessment takes me about 15 hours to complete.
  • A private email address and messaging app so that you can contact me and get an efficient, thoughtful response.
  • Access for two people to attend all live LGU events. A $1,500 value.
  • Regular recommendations for the best products, services, books, supplements, events, articles, and more.
  • A 20% discount on all future LGU products and services.

All of this is a total value of $3,767 and represents the very best offer I’ve ever extended.


It will sell out soon and I won’t offer any more coaching spots for at least 6 months.

While you can cancel at any time, I really want you to plan on making a serious commitment to yourself and to what I’m offering.

If you have any questions at all, please email me @ and I’ll be answering any questions you may have for the next few days.

Your Friend & Coach,

Founder of Life Goals University

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Down to My Last Dollar

by ShaunKing on June 12, 2014 · 1 comment

300px-Un_dollar_usJust a few weeks ago, I spent the last dollar I earned working for someone else. It was simultaneously frightening and liberating. Making the decision to help guide people through life for a living, though, was an easy one. It’s my passion.

Today is my first full day on the job and I’d like to tell you about four things I have coming this month and next.

1. For the first time in my life, I’m going to take on a few private coaching and consulting clients. I’m going to open up 10 slots tomorrow and probably won’t open any more back up for several months. If you think this is something you are interested in, please stay tuned for the details tomorrow. These 10 spots will sell out right away. I can’t wait for us to get started.

2. This past January I launched something called Life Goals University (we call it LGU) for 500 students from all over the world. It is an intense, interactive online learning experience to help you set and pursue 100 life goals. I am going to open up a brand new session of LGU later this month. Before I open it up to the public, I am going to offer you early access for a steeply discounted rate. I’ll also give you a free trial and several very cool incentives. I hope you’ll give it a try.

Also, all of my private coaching clients will have full access to LGU.

3. Did you see our New Year’s Day online event a few months ago? It featured Carl Lentz, Deepak Chopra, Mankofit, Jon Acuff, Myleik Telee, Jeff Goins, Hill Harper, Chris Guillebau, and Jeremy Cowart. It was the #2 trending topic in the world on Twitter and was the most viewed online event I’ve ever hosted. I’m going to make it available for you to view next week and hope you’ll check it out! It was previously only available to LGU members, but I want you to get a taste of what’s ahead.

And here’s some BIG news…

4. In just a few days, I am going to begin announcing the new guest teachers for our next LIVE online event. I have some HUGE surprises and I can’t wait for you to join us. I sincerely think it will change your life and hope you’ll spread the word!


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Some Big Moves for My Family and I

by ShaunKing on May 14, 2014 · 13 comments

(Below I have posted my quick, raw thoughts and have not edited for errors. Thanks for understanding.)

Hey Everybody! I have some big updates and moves I want to share. I hope each of you are doing really well.


For the past two months my family has been living in Cape Town, South Africa on an amazing journey. We’ve grown to have a deep love and affection for this city and for South Africa. When we first moved here two months ago, it was really at the prompting of my wife. She blogged all about it here. Our lease was ending at our home in Southern California and we opted for an adventure versus just finding a new home in SoCal.

The truth was, though, that I was in a low place and she was smart enough to know I needed something altogether different to shake me out of it. I’m 34 years old now and have been with Rai since I was 17. She knows me better than anybody in the world. Instead of moving from place to place – which can be hard with a big, young family like mine – our plan was to just deeply immerse ourselves in this wonderful city.

When we first made the move here, we honestly had an open heart to see if it could become permanent. We didn’t have a strong feeling one way or the other, but we knew that our passport allowed us to have a 90 day visit. Our daughter, Kendi, had just gone through a grueling multi-part audition at an AMAZING performing arts school back in California before we left for Cape Town and our private talk was that if she was accepted we would probably move back to California. Just a few days into our stay here we learned that she was accepted and we were SO EXCITED for her. It’s the best school ever and she worked so hard to get in. We were a bit conflicted, though, on whether or not we were still going to move back to California because we’ve found our groove here in South Africa.


We’ve wrestled with it, talked it out, prayed, and have a real peace that SoCal is where we will call home base for the foreseeable future. We want to still be adventurous and experience all the world has to offer, but Southern California is home to us. After living in Atlanta for the first 13 years of my adult life, I would have never guessed that California would put its hooks in us, but it has. In the past 4 years we’ve lived in Atlanta, Southern California, Kentucky, New York City, and Cape Town, South Africa – and it’s clear to us that California is our home. We love it and miss it. I’ve put a deposit down a home we will be renting and we will be returning home to Orange County in about a month.

I could honestly stay here in South Africa and be happy, but we all have grown to have a deep affection for California and want to give it a long term shot and see what happens. Kendi will begin her time at her performing arts school later this summer, our oldest daughter Taeyonna will begin high school, and we are really excited about what’s next for all of us back in Cali.


Since I have been here in South Africa I have gotten some real clarity on my future and have taken some really strong steps, privately, to move in a very different direction with my life. Sometimes moving to the bottom of a completely different continent can open up your heart and soul in unexpected ways and for that I’m thankful. Here are a few updates…

1. I am now a full time writer and teacher. I want to personally thank Jeff Goins for helping me to embrace this privately and show me a pathway to eventually embrace it publicly. My first book comes out this Christmas and I am excited to have a great agent, a skilled editor, and an amazing deal/team with Howard Books/Simon & Schuster. Empowering people to live their best life has been my passion since childhood. Doing this through writing and teaching and coaching full time is a dream come true honestly.

In the next few weeks I’ll be making some exciting new announcements about ways you and I can work together from wherever you are in the world.

2. I sold all of my stake in Upfront and have stepped down as Chief Creative Officer. I am still on the board of the company, believe in it more than ever, and have seen it grow leaps and bounds these past few months. I think I grew more as a leader and businessman in my two years as one of the founders of Upfront than I did in the previous 10. It stretched me and grew me in ways I never expected. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. If anything, my two years @ Upfront have made me want to try to launch a another startup down the road.  More than anything, though, I truly felt like the time was right for this move for me and for the company.

3. I have stepped down as CEO of HopeMob (@hope) and have completely passed the torch on to my co-founder and long time business partner, Chad Kellough. I will no longer be playing any role with the charity other than helping however I can with a smooth transition. Like my move with Upfront, I knew the time was right both for me and for HopeMob. I am excited to see the new ways Chad and his team will grow HopeMob and help what we started reach more and more people all over the world.

My heart and soul will always be with advocating for the less fortunate people of our world. I am thinking through new and innovative ways I can do this moving forward.

We will be doing a lot of traveling over the next 6 weeks before we head back to the states and would love your thoughts and prayers! Lots of changes and transitions coming. Stay tuned for updates!


(Note #1: These are my raw thoughts and I have not edited this blog for errors. At the very bottom of it, I have some important questions…)

(Note #2: I hope our big news inspires all of you to live life to the fullest. We’re doing it on a shoestring budget, with 4 kids, and only a small bit of certainty.)

For the first 15 years of my adult life, I lived in Atlanta, loved it, but too often lived timidly until the end.

Since 2011, though, my entire family has embraced a true spirit of adventure.  During these 3+ years:

  • We moved to California, fell in love with the place, and started HopeMob. The beach became our home.
  • We moved to Kentucky for a year to be with our extended family and so that I could more easily travel to New York where I was preparing to launch a tech start-up, Upfront.
  • We said “what the hell” and decided to move the entire family to Manhattan into a 1 bedroom apartment so that I could work full-time to launch Upfront. To our surprise, it was one of the most memorable times of our entire life and none of us really cared about the small space.
  • We moved the family back to California a year ago after our Manhattan apartment was overrun with mice (worse than you know) and have loved every minute of being out here.

During these 3 years we’ve climbed mountains (literally), launched businesses, sold thousands of Girl Scout cookies, camped at the most beautiful national parks, our children have all started and excelled at new sports and instruments and hobbies, and I think we are all about as healthy and whole (inside and out) as we’ve ever been.

So, our lease at our California home is up tomorrow and we’ve decided to totally go for it.  Most of the work I do, I do from the internet and I am not tied down to any one physical location.  We felt like the timing was perfect for us to take a real calculated risk and for the world to be our oyster.

On this Sunday, we are moving to Cape Town, South Africa!! 

Cape Town_mainpic

We are literally staying in a home we found on AirBNB for the next month and will decide what all the future may hold for us once we arrive.  We have a few friends there.  I traveled there over 10 years ago while a student @ Morehouse and loved it.

We hope to try new foods, see new things, swim in new waters, make new friends, help new causes, and allow our hearts and minds to be open to new possibilities.  We are planning on coming back to the states before September, but we are completely open to anything.


I have decided to step down from my day to day role as Chief Creative Officer of Upfront. I will continue to serve on the board and am excited about all that is next for Upfront.  Ray Lee & Vinnie Tuscano, my Co-Founders, are capable and talented leaders and I am rooting for them in every way.

I hope to have some very exciting news to share about the future of HopeMob in the weeks ahead.

While in South Africa, I aim to love on my wife and kids like they deserve and devote a large chunk of my daily time to leading 100 Life Goals University and preparing for the release of my first book, 100!

If you missed in on social media, I just announced that we signed a VERY awesome deal with Simon & Schuster/Howard books to publish “100!” and I can’t wait to get it in your hands!

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.19.56 PM

I have a few questions for you! Leave your answers in the comments and feel free to email me @

1. Do you know anyone in Cape Town that you’d like for me to meet?

2. Do you have anywhere special in Cape Town you’d like for me to visit?

3. Do you have anywhere special in Cape Town where my family could serve kids and families in need?

4. Can you give me any real tips on using my AT&T iPhone while in South Africa? Get a SIM card?

5. Where can I rent an automatic van for a monthly rental other than the main spots I see online?

6. Have any tips on SPECIFIC places where we could live in a month or so?

7. Do you know of any schools that may open to hiring an outstanding, fully certified elementary school teacher?

8. Do you know any SPECIFIC places where I could get access to SUPER HIGH SPEED internet?

9. Do you know any videographers I could meet and work with?

10. Would you please pray for us?

THANK YOU ALL!  Your love and support across the years means the world to me.


That’s C-BO. 1993.  A hardcore gangsta rapper from Sacramento.  In a second, that’s going to be very relevant.

When I was a teenager, hip hop was MY LIFE! Every dime I owned went to music or equipment.  My dream was to be a high level music executive of some sort.  I was a huge fan of C-BO and some other Bay Area rappers (like E-40 & Brotha Lynch) and decided to do something crazy.

Gas_Chamber_(cover)I just called the phone numbers listed inside of the album notes to talk to who was on the other end.  It was AMAZING who would answer sometimes.

Eventually, I connected with this guy named Sean – who was equal parts gangster and music manager.  We just connected.  He seemed to be the money behind C-Bo and helped manage him.  Sean asked me (I was 14) if I would help book concerts and autograph signings for him.

I had no idea what I was doing, but, of course, I said yes.  That’s my way. Jump right in.

3 weeks later, I kid you not, C-Bo and Sean PICKED ME UP at my house in rural Kentucky in a Lexus.  They wanted to go to the mall, do an autograph signing at a music store, and do a small concert.

Miraculously, I had arranged all of these things.  When we got to the mall, the dudes opened up the trunk to the Lexus, and, I kid you not, it was a box of CDs, a bunch of weed, money, and some guns.

We went into the mall, and MAN, I felt like I was on top of the earth.  Now I know C-Bo wasn’t Tupac (although he was on Tupac’s All Eyez on Me), but this dude was huge in my little world.  To this day the only dude I know that can verify our mall story was my homie Derrick White who played ball @ Lexington Catholic.  He was at the mall that day at couldn’t believe it when he saw us. Haha.

After we left the mall, we went to a little record store in the hood called G-Town Sounds owned by a dude named Terry.  I had hooked it up for C-Bo to appear on the radio and within minutes about 250 people were waiting for autographs outside.  I think my friend Rico was with us there for a while.

Georgetown_and_Douglas_WebAbout an hour or so later, we went to this little strip mall on Georgetown Road that was notorious for thuggery called The Plaza.  It’s been torn down since, but we went to a soul food restaurant there to eat and hang out.  At the time, my friend was a guy named Rodger and he was with me the whole time – LOVING IT! Haha.

But, soon after we got there, it got crazy.  Everybody in the hood wanted to come in and the owner decided to lock the doors.  This caused MAJOR ruckus. I mean major.  Dudes started banging on the windows, yelling, mean mugging, it was crazy.

Like they didn’t even care, C-Bo, Sean, and some of the gangsta dudes they had with them, wanted to open up the doors and let 10-15 women in.  When they did this, and the women came in, ish went to a WHOLE NUTHA LEVEL.

Dudes outside LOST IT!  I mean apeshit – riot level anger.  C-Bo and those dudes, though, just chilled out like nothing was happening.  They just ate the soul food, had women all around them, and were loving it.

Zombies-StoreI was looking at the window to the store like it was The Walking Dead out there.  In a matter of seconds it looked like they were just going to bust right through the glass.

Sure enough. It happened.  Somebody with a pistol started shooting through the glass and we all went scattering.

IT WAS BANANAS! We knew we couldn’t go out the front or the crowd would probably mob us so we, action movie style, went flying through the kitchen, knocking ish over, and out the back door.  Rodger and I happened to park his girlfriends truck back there (Grace of God) and we got in it and just peeled out.

I had no idea where C-Bo and Sean and them went or if they had even made it out alive.

4 weeks later I got a collect call from Sean.  He was in jail and wanted to know if I still had the boxes and boxes of t-shirts and CDs he had left with me.  I did.  He said he was going to have somebody come and get them, but  I never heard from those dudes again.  I’m not even gonna give a moral to this story (I can think of a few). I just wanted to share it!









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