I Experienced a Miracle and I’m Not a Loon

by ShaunKing on September 29, 2008 · 239 comments

I’m not sure how well you know me, but I am a relatively normal guy.  Well, normal isn’t the best word for me, but if we all agreed that I’m a down to earth dude, we’d at least be in the right ballpark.  It is after 1AM as I am typing this and we get up at the butt crack of dawn in the King House so I have to cut to the chase.  I tell you that as circumstantial evidence that what I am about to tell you is important and I am pretty confident that someone out there needs to hear this.

On November 28th, 2003 I experienced a miracle. Not a cool coincidence.  Not a freak occurrence.  I experienced a miracle.

I am completely sure of it. Several very normal members of my family witnessed it and doctors at the University of Kentucky were baffled by it for days.

On the evening of November 28th, 2003, my wife and I were in a very serious automobile accident in which I was sent through the windshield face first in a head-on car collision going full speed on an icy interstate.  I have talked about it several times on this blog in terms of what I had to overcome, but have been reluctant to share my entire story with the world – in part because I did not want to become known as the Miracle Guy.

Tonight I realized that not sharing this story is a disservice to God. Not only that, I feel in my spirit that someone out there needs to read this story right now.


byron-cageVisiting our family in Kentucky for the Thanksgiving holidays, my wife and I, after a long day of Christmas shopping, got a bite to eat at Moe’s and were preparing to meet my brother and his wife to go see the movie Mystic River.  The roads were covered with black ice that day and Rai and I had actually witnessed a few minor accidents earlier in the afternoon.  Being the safe driver that I am, I knew that I would have to be extra careful during the 7 or so mile drive to the movie theater.

Rai and I were SOOOO happy that day.  We were scheduled to close on our first home the day we returned to Atlanta and had purchased a bunch of cool items for our new home super early that morning in those crazy, day after Thanksgiving sales.  On the way to the movies Rai and I were JAMMING! I mean music cranked all the way up, heads bobbing, full blast JAMMING to the new Byron Cage CD.  It had only been out for a little while and we loved it!  We were there in Atlanta for the live recording a few months before then and we were Jamming with a capital J to the main song on the disc – “The Presence of the Lord is Here”.  In some ways, we were singing it in celebration because we were both keenly aware of how good the Lord had been to us and we had even mentioned our blessings earlier that day.

The instant the song was over, I reached down to hit the button to start the track from the beginning so we could re-do our jam session.  As soon as the track began again, I hit a patch of black ice on the interstate and completely lost control of the car.


After doing a complete donut in our lane of the interstate at about 40 MPH, I tried as hard as I could to straighten the car out, but couldn’t do it.  Separating one side of the interstate from the other was not a rail, but a very steep ditch.  Our car, a black 2002 Mitsubishi Galant, my first new car, sped toward the ditch, and, according to eye witnesses in the police report, our car went deep down into the ditch and then went airborne into oncoming traffic on the other side of the highway. Seeing the headlights of a truck coming toward us, I very clearly remember my wife screaming out,

“I’m going to die!”

Desperately, with what little faculties I had left, I tried to move the car out of the way of the truck that was coming right for us and BOOOOOOM! Some type of bomb went off in the car.  The explosion was so violent that I could smell it, taste it, hear it, feel it, but not see it.  Something weird had happened to my face in the explosion.

I could catch only a small glimpse of my wife who was moaning in pain and appeared to be about to pass out or die.  Within seconds I started to realize that the bomb that went off must have gone off in my face.  I started screaming in pain.  I could not see and it felt like my face may have been on fire. My mouth was full of glass and I could tell from the way I sounded in my own ears that something terrible had happened to my lips and teeth.  Afraid that my wife was dying and pretty confident that I was about to die myself, I screamed as loud as I could for help and did not understand why my wife was not trying to help me.  I noticed that the song, “The Presence of the Lord is Here” was still blasting and felt just a slight comfort by its message. The mind is strange, because I remember thinking that having it playing will probably let people know that I wasn’t a drunk driver.  That was important to me.

carA bomb had not gone off in our car at all, but, instead, our car collided head-on with a truck going full speed on the interstate.  Instead of the truck hitting my wife on the passenger side, which we were told would have likely killed her in an instant, we hit the truck head-on and the impact threw me forward and I crashed, face first (not head first or arms first, but nose first) through my windshield and was thrown back into the car after hitting a side railing on the road.

Unable to free myself, I felt like my face had been broken into pieces.  I felt skin falling off of my face and both of my legs felt broken. I could not move.  Smelling the smoke, I was panicking and screaming in agony like a raving mad man, but did not sound like myself.  Something bad had happened.  I could not see and I felt and tasted blood everywhere.  A man, who unknowingly broke my heart, came next to the car, looked at me, said nothing, and left.  He could have gone for help for all I know, but when he left I felt like I had been totally abandoned and was moving much closer to death.

What may have been just a minute, but felt like about an hour passed when a very sweet woman, like an angel without fear, came to the car.  I moaned to the woman that I was a young pastor and that the woman with me was my wife.  She grabbed my hand and told me very gently that she was a nurse and a Christian and that she was praying that I would live and for me to hold on.  Her words were nice, but I began to feel an unspeakably deep sense of depression fall over me.  (I never stopped screaming in pain throughout this ordeal.)

Her words confirmed for me that I must be dying and I began to get very sad.  I am crying now as I type this because I remember the overwhelming sense of sadness and despair that started to swallow me as I considered all of the unfulfilled dreams and hopes with my wife and our young family.  My daughter was not even two years old and I was about to leave her alone in the world.  The woman told me that it was urgent that she find a cover to wrap my face up to keep it together.  She grabbed a blanket from my back seat and began to gently wrap my face with it.  She never left my window until the police and EMT’s got there a few minutes afterwards.  The police asked me for emergency contact information and I seemed to have given them my mother’s contact information.  Apparently my wife also gave them contact information for her mother and her aunt.

the-whole-my-face-made-see-the-blood-on-the-windowAfter a team of people yanked the door open to get me out, my grief and sadness began to grow because I could hear and sense the trepidation and fear on behalf of every person that saw me. I was being carted away on a stretcher away from my wife and I had no idea what her condition was.  My sadness grew because I kept feeling like I was going to die.  I began to imagine places that we wanted to vacation together and all of the things I wished I had told her about my love for her. I had convinced myself that if I could live until I got to the hospital, that everything would be OK.

I heard the EMT’s assess that my left leg was badly broken and that it appeared that every bone in my face had been broken when it went through the windshield.  I started to drift in and out of consciousness and heard the EMT’s tell the driver that they “were losing him.”  Real life is different than television because it was clear that the EMT’s were very nervous.  The driver then started yelling at them that he couldn’t rush or that they’d all end up like “him” (me).

The EMT’s kept lying to me and telling me that we were almost there.  It helped me a little. I heard them say that my blood pressure was dropping.  Because something had happened to my eyes, I could not see anything, but could hear very well.  I heard them charge the paddles and, I kid you not, got so afraid that they were going to use them on me that I think the last adrenaline I had left kicked in.  They told me that my injuries were very severe, but to just hold on until we got to the hospital.

I held on and prayed and prayed and prayed that God would just spare my life.


By the time I got to the hospital, my mother, my mother-in-law and many of the members of her small Pentecostal church, my wife’s aunt, and my brother, who was a youth pastor in Indianapolis at the time, had all been notified by staff or called by one another.  My mother was told that my legs were broken and that my face was broken into many pieces and that my injuries were life-threatening.

Every person above that I just named began praying for me and for my wife.  My brother began praying for healing. My mother began praying that the Lord would save her son.  The nurse that comforted me at the scene of the accident had prayed that I would live.

shaun_king_miracleAfter they got me into the emergency room and began to assess my injuries, I began to feel the Spirit of God in a way that I had never felt before or have never felt since. With doctors and plastic surgeons waiting to perform surgery on my face, I heard them talk about assembling the right hardware and plates that were needed.  Knowing that I would not be able to talk once they started operating on my face (while I was awake), I began to beg nurses to write a note on my chest that said,

“I still believe in the Goodness of the Lord”

After begging two nurses to write the note and trying to tell them that I wasn’t crazy, the third nurse wrote the note and placed it on my chest.  I asked her to not let anyone remove the note and pointed to it every chance I got.  It is on my chest with my blood on it in this photo.

After washing my face and picking out shards of glass from it, they rushed me to have a CATSCAN done on my face and on my legs.  The results shocked them and shocked me.

shaun_king_faceIn spite of the fact that my face went through a windshield during a full speed head on-collision with a truck, in spite of the EMT diagnosis that “every bone in my face was broken,” in spite of the phone call made to my mother, in spite of all of that…


Doctor after doctor and nurse after nurse told me that nearly ever person that goes through a windshield in such a violent head-on car collision dies and every single one of them ends up with scores of broken bones.

In spite of the fact that it took over 300 stitches to put my face back together – including stitching a big part of my bottom lip back on and my left eyelid back on – NOT A SINGLE BONE WAS BROKEN IN MY BODY.

I have thought about this across the years and there is a chance that every nurse and EMT and doctor that examined me and felt on my face and legs and studied me before I had those CATSCAN’s and MRI’s was simply wrong.  They all misdiagnosed my condition.  That is possible.

But for me, it takes just as much faith to believe this as it does for me to believe that something unexplainable, something strange, something miraculous happened to me that put the bones in my face back together again.

For days while I was recovering in the hospital at the University of Kentucky, doctors would visit me and discuss the strange occurrence of what happened.  Medical students came by to examine me because of the peculiar nature of it all.  My eyes were swollen shut for several days, but I could hear how peculiar people found my condition.  Because my face still looked so horrible, I think people had a hard time actually believing that no bones were broken beneath the wounds.

I am choosing to believe that a miracle happened on that day. I experienced it for myself. If you know much about me, you know that I’m not that religious and I’m certainly not a very spooky dude. Before this happened to me, I probably leaned more to the side of believing that miracles rarely, if ever, happen in the real world.  I had prayed for miracles before this incident and saw my prayers go (seemingly) unanswered.

shaun-king-sitting-smiling-lionI can’t explain miracles.  I can’t predict when they’ll happen.  I’m not sure why they happen when they happen.  I don’t know why they don’t happen when we often want them to.

But doggone it, they happen and I am convinced that God still wants us to hope and believe that they are possible in every circumstance. Will a miracle happen every time?  No.  Why?  I don’t know.  But miracles can happen and my face (scars and all) is living proof!

Now if you don’t mind, I have to jam out to the track, that while nearly killing me, gave me a new lease on life!  Wanna join me?

  • http://mancha.typepad.com/faith_life/ mancha

    thank you for sharing your story and yes this song is the bomb…

  • Courtny L.

    Good morning King family. I no less than wept while reading this blog. I am a firm believer in supernatural and Divine intervention and with all that has happened this year, I appreciate your testimony and encouragement. Love you all!

  • http://adamblack.wordpress.com adam

    awesome post. you can believe in chance, you can believe in luck, or you can choose to believe in the goodness of God and his miracles.
    it’s obviously that God doesn’t dole out miracles like candy, but i really believe he still works in this way. it’s in his nature.
    the fact that you’re still alive is miraculous enough – then to have lessened injuries? guess the people who hear your story will have to decide :)
    God has big things in store. make the most of it!

  • Aaronde

    Thanks for sharing your personal miracle. It should be a constant source of strength and confidence that He has some big plans for you.

  • http://www.kentkingery.com Kent Kingery

    Wow… I read through the entire post and almost didn’t watch the video link at the end. I’m glad I did. We have worshipped with this song in our church several times, and I can safely say I will never sing it again without thinking of you and the power of God!
    Thanks for sharing this.

  • http://steveharrison1.blogspot.com steveharrison

    Awesome story! I am honored to serve One who is still in the miracle doing business…confident that you will continue to see fabulous miracles after miracles in your ministry…great stories such as this, when there is despair, impending death testify of the greatness of our God…you, I, and others know that Jesus is in the miracle business every day when we see, hear, and experience life change…thanks for sharing…Blessings!

  • http://www.siahdesign.com Josiah Jost

    Really powerful story Shaun. Thanks for posting it. Every day we live is a gift from God.
    God bless!

  • http://dirtyacres.com Willis Polk

    Wow king! That’s the first time I’ve heard that story in such detail. You are truly blessed!! even though you don’t wanna be known as the mirace man, that was a miracle, man!

  • Xavier Porter

    Praise God! I always heard rumors of the miraculous Shaun recovery :) but never knew the story.

  • http://www.shawneda.com Shawneda Marks

    In the midst of all going on in my life I needed to read this today. I believe in miracles …praise God!

  • http://www.ferndaletonight.posterous.com Daniel Beasley

    Praise God who is greatly to be praised! I prayed for you last night when you tweeted that you were writing this and wept this morning as I read it. What an awesome testimony of His greatness!
    What saddens me is that in the mainstream of American Christianity you weren’t able to feel comfortable just saying, “I Experienced a Miracle.” But I understand why you needed to add “and I’m not a Loon.”
    In September 2001 I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. This was confirmed several times and I was even medically retired from the military because of this.
    And last April, at a small home prayer meeting, God saw fit to heal me — this has also been confirmed several times over.
    I was immediately made aware of the number of people in my church who saw God’s hand in my diagnosis but who couldn’t accept my healing as God’s work.
    So I join you, brother, in asserting His greatness! May we never reach the point where the stones cry out because of our timidity.
    Praise the Lord!

  • http://www.kidshineonline.org Susan Lolley

    What a story Shaun — thanks so much for sharing. The story is awesome and it’s funny because I was wide awake early, early, early this morning and read this when you posted something about on twitter. I was very moved and so glad that you shared it. I look forward to seeing what God is going to CONTINUE doing in your life and your family’s. Exciting stuff — and WE are family. That’s the truly great thing about it. Thanks — from one of your NC family members.

  • http://jewellsavenue.com Jewells

    What an awesome testimony. I have witnessed several miracles and believe them to happen daily. Yours is one of them.
    Thank you for sharing your story. It is truly a testament of God’s everlasting love.

  • Tanikka Babb

    The first time I read your testimony, I got goosebumps and cried. This time after reading it, I felt inspired and I can say that it has given me a different outlook on life, and it’s miracles!!! Thank You for sharing your story with me, and many others:)
    God Bless You & Your Family

  • http://cyndiakadisneyqueen.blogspot.com/ Cyndi

    I spent all day in church crying and really didn’t plan on it being a part of my day today, but I wanted to say thank you Shaun for sharing your story with me. I hope you don’t mind of I share it with others.

  • http://kelliinreallife.typepad.com Kelli

    There is absolutely nothing too hard for God!!! I loved reading every single part of this story. I believe in miracles and I just praise God for what He did for you and your wife. Love that song too!!!!

  • http://theendoftheroad.typepad.com Lea

    .. I’m choosing to believe it was a miracle that day too brother!!
    I spent a bit of time at UK… wonderful place to have a miracle occur…. years and years before another miracle happened there ( On Stony Road outside Lexington), the Lord saved me, a sinner!!
    Praise God for his mercies!!
    God’s blessings for you and your wife!

  • http://www.domesticdisclosures.blogspot.com IAD

    WOW! I’m speechless. My husband (Xavier/ZayPo)told me about your miracle… but reading it here…I’m speechless.

  • http://www.Courageous.tv Shaun King

    Hey Everybody,
    I am so glad to know that this very hard story to tell has inspired and touched so many of you. Please feel free to retell the story for yourself.
    We are thinking about doing a video of it all with interviews of me and others that played some role in the whole story.
    What do you think about that?
    Shaun & Crew

  • http://www.conqueringaverage.blogspot.com TRJ

    This is an awesome testimony and I’m glad that you all made it through! God is an awesome God and you wouldn’t believe that same song actually saved my life IN THAT SAME YEAR when I was in an accident. A man in a Ford F250 pickup truck actually hit me from behind in a heavy rainstorm. I was stopped behind another car waiting for it to turn and as I looked through my rear view mirror, I remember thinking in my head, “This man is NOT going to stop….” then he hit me….and I in turn hit the car in front of me. Everything that was in my trunk came into my back seat and my car was totaled. By the grace of God, I only came out with some muscle sprains in my lower back.
    Your testimony is definitely not crazy and don’t ever downplay the goodness of God in your life. More people need to hear it so they know that God is REAL!!

  • http://www.jkwest.com/kwestworld.html Senor Kwest

    I admit my Christian walk has been a bit more secularized for whatever reason, and I often find myself seeing miracles in different ways. Not that they DON’T EXIST, but that IF THEY DO they aren’t as fantastic as many of us hope for (and become so disappointed in God when we don’t experience)…call it lowered expectations from years of letdown. Anyway, YOUR STORY ALWAYS CHANGES THINGS FOR ME, and I needed to hear it again.
    God is not only in the small things but in the very big things as well. Thanks.

  • http://thinkinginprogress.com jason

    Amazing story Shaun. Obviously, God still had more for you to do.

  • http://www.graceeveryday.blogspot.com beth

    Shaun – I wandered over here after reading some of the charitable giving dialogue on Tim Stevens’ blog. I was POWERFUL blessed by your story of your miracle.
    Thanks for posting it.

  • http://www.graceeveryday.blogspot.com beth

    Shaun – I wandered over here after reading some of the charitable giving dialogue on Tim Stevens’ blog. I was POWERFUL blessed by your story of your miracle.
    Thanks for posting it.

  • Stephanie Reed-Anderson

    God just wasnt finished with you on earth… A rose not ready to picked from his garden. Always share this story and let people know GOD is real!!!!!!

  • A Croley

    Pastor Shaun as I was reading your story tears of joy was running down my face because you were able to tell your story GOD is so so so awesome, miracle that you and your wife are still here today. thank you for telling your story to the world
    love you guys

  • LL

    This is awesome!
    No. You are not a loon. You experienced the KINGDOM. It was a miracle. God sent EMT’s, Doctor’s, Nurses, and Catscans, so that you would be clear that this was a miracle and that he did it.
    Miracles happen everyday. God is healing people daily. Revival…anyone? anyone?!
    The Kingdom is a very interesting area of study. (as if you had time to study anything else).
    Thank you for sharing this! Thank you!

  • http://www.handlingolympus.blogspot.com johnincolorado

    Ugly and beautiful. Horrible and wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing. you need to share to make the Lord famous. the story also strengthens my faith.

  • http://nateandjill.org Nate Williams

    Wow, that is truly miraculous! I have no doubt that God has incredible plans for you, your family, and the courageous church!

  • nadirah

    Thank you for sharing your testimony. God is good. His mercy and grace endureth forever!

  • http://www.myspace.com/qs342156 Shanelda Jackson

    Praise the Lord!!! I am JJJJamming with your right now Pastor. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. I love you and I’ll be in touch.

  • nadirah

    God is so good! Thank God for his mercy and his grace! Thank you for sharing your testimony.

  • http://www.Courageous.tv Shaun King

    John, Nate, Nadirah, and Shanelda,
    Thank you all for your kind words. Would you pray for me and for the church that I am leading here in Atlanta? We need your prayers now more than ever!
    Shaun & Crew

  • BronSon Harris

    Shawn I remember when this happened. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!!!!!! God has worked some wonderful things in your life and my He continue to bless and keep you. I will continue to pray for you and your family and your church. I am believing that GOD will bless this church in an unusual type of way so that Atlanta can see how good God is in the life of his people. And if they would believe and seek His face that He would deliver them.

  • http://www.faywrites.com Fay

    Wow…no words. Just wow. God bless you.

  • http://www.shawnwilson.wordpress.com Shawn Wilson

    WOW!!! Amazing! Thanks for sharing this. I love reading your blog and your twitters. Hopefully one day we will be able to meet in person and change the world together.
    Much love,

  • Shaun Marshall

    Wow Shaun. I never EVER knew that this happened to you. But I could literally feel every emotion that you described as you shared this, and I’m not the type of cat to be very moved emotionally but I really was. Thank you for sharing. It not only reminds us that miracles do happen but it reminds me to appreciate the regular moments of life where they aren’t necessarily needed!

  • Dimeko Shaw

    May GOD continue to bless you so you can be a blessing to others. This story was meant for me to read this morning and I thank the Lord everyday for giving me the gift of life after death. We are all here for GOD’s glory to mannifest itself to others and encourage them and give them hope for the unseen. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

  • Thelma McDonald

    Thank You for sharing that wonderful miracle with us. I too am a christian, and that was a miracle. God spared you and your wife’s life because he has more work for you to do.
    You continue to do the good work of the Lord son,and reach as many people young and old.
    My prayers to you and your family.

  • Stephanie Graham

    Amazing! He’s so amazing… All I can say is who are we that He is mindful of us? He cares so deeply for us that He considers us in all things. When He could have let you die, He chose not to, that you would forever praise His name. That you would forever give Him all the glory. That everytime you think about this accident, your soul might magnify the Lord. Praise God for you and your wife. To whom much is given, much is required. There is a greater work for you to accomplish in the earth.

  • http://www.myspace.com/theappleofhiseye Didi

    Wow! Powerful! I am a firm believer of God’s supernatural power…speacially in these days. I have seen CRAZY miracles happen before my face! I seen one leg that was shorter grow and the command given in the name of Jesus(no kidding), and people be instantly healed of aft illnesses…Your testimony is SUPREME! Thanks for sharing!
    I chcked out your space and some of the pics…you have a beautiful family. You re a blessed man indeed.
    May the Lord continue to give you guidance & equip you for the Kingdom doors that are opening up for you in Atlanta!
    In His Service!

  • http://www.myspace.com/theappleofhiseye Didi

    Oh, and that song is da bomb!!! Fo’ sure!

  • http://www.boldmovespublications.net Andrea’ Porter

    Good evening King family. I am in awe of your revelating story. I am a truly believer that God works miracles. I know this, because I myself have had some unexplained things occured in my life. You brought tears to my eyes. Keep up the good work in the kingdom.

  • Louisa Makitae

    God is truly Awesome, that is an amasing miracaclous event and such a true testomny that God fully heals and restores us and that he is a big God and we truly need to trust in him that hes behind us and goes before to prepare our path, that he predestined for us, and now you have such an amasing testomony to share, That the love of God on you and your wife’s life. I too have an amasing testomony that I share to everyone, so may you keep up the good work you guys and be a blessing for many and may you prosper in many ways 3 john 2, for your new church amen

  • http://littlehoffman.blogspot.com Tymm

    Wow… Thank you for sharing that…
    God is dope.

  • Ced

    Wow! This helped me through this day with no excuses.

  • Daniel Mack

    Thank you for sharing your story. It was right on time for a person who needed some inspiration.

  • http://www.therealginger.com Ginger

    I am in awe of the clarity and the eloquence in your recollection of the traumatic events that occurred.
    Even though your accident happened nearly five years ago, I know that it had to be incredibly difficult for you to relive the events of that night.
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Your story proves (that’s right PROVES!) that our Father’s love for us is infinite and knows no bounds.

  • http://www.moviepastor.com dave anderson (Moviepastor)

    wow dude. I just read this and my butt cheeks were doing a kung fu grip on my seat! incredible story. Thank God! He saved U for a special reason – go wreck the world for Jesus!

  • http://profile.typekey.com/1205431114s23287/ Shaun King

    So glad to share my story with all of you. Let me not kid you – it was painful. God doesn’t always prevent pain, but sometimes just holds your hand through it.
    Dave – anytime I can make someone’s butt cheeks get a kunfu grip – I’m happy!

  • Jasmine

    Hey Shaun and King family,
    I am truly inspired. Testimonies are so powerful and that testimony reminded me of how awesome and powerful and amazing our God is. It has also inspired me to get up on my blogging.People need to hear how God is powerful and good and amazing today and know that He manifests Himself in our reality. He is a real God in our real world and He shows it to us. Brother, thank you for being obedient.

  • kjohnson

    I believe your story is truly a miracle and a blessing to all who read it. Thanks for sharing your story. God has used you in a mighty way. Many blessings to you and your family.

  • http://www.jessewatson.org Jesse Watson

    WOW – YOU ARE THE MAN! Do you mind if I link you to my blog? What an incredible miraculous story.

  • http://synapticlight.wordpress.com/ Phillip Gibb

    Although the circumstances leading up to the miracle were not that cool, the miracle was. Very encouraging to hear your story, sometimes we forget the great things that God can do. So big up on you for sharing man and huge Glory to God.
    and to think, almost anyone in the world can read this and find out about God for the first time.

  • alexis

    I am sorry what happen to u and your wife i hope you to feel better and Merry Christmas to u and your kids

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p0105365f1bbd970c lynnette

    i sent you an e-mail about how i feel i was purposly led to you.my son was killed by a truck in january and i really struggle with why he wasnt saved by Gods hand.he had found God and was saved just one month prior to his death. he was only 18.i read your story and visit your sites everyday and YOU HELP ME NOT GET MAD AT GOD…if that makes sense.thank you shaun.i wish i lived in atlanta so i could be with you and your family and help change lives as i KNOW that you will!! I was led TO you,and i will stick WITH you.youre in my prayers.God bless you.

  • http://Courageous.tv Shaun King

    Hey Lynnette!
    I sent you back an email to your amazing story. Did you ever get it?
    Shaun & Crew

  • http://cathy-davis.blogspot.com cathy davis

    Praise the Lord! You experienced a miracle indeed!
    I came over from @marklee3d tweeting with you!

  • http://www.kellymckernan.com Kelly

    That’s absolutely incredible and it brought me to tears. I came very close to a similar accident and I feel that God somehow saved me from it. I spun out across four lanes on I-75 and landed *perfectly* on the next exit’s off-ramp. I remember seeing two semi’s headed my way and I shut my eyes while I spun until I could get control of the wheel… but those weren’t my hands directing that wheel.
    You have an incredible story and you’re so blessed to have survived without one broken bone. I’m very happy for you and your family to survive such an accident.

  • http://www.evedlewis.com Eve Dennard-Lewis

    Shaun – thank you for sharing your miraculous experience with all of us. I was very moved by your testimony, and I would like to make one reccomendation. You asked for our opinion about you video taping yourself in one of your comments – I would like to suggest that you actually video tape other people and document their amazing stories. You are not alone. There are many of us who believe in the mighty power of GOD, and we have experienced unexplainable miracles FIRST HAND – you were brave enough to share your awesome story – now focus on others who also have incredible stories to tell. Thank you and may god continue to bless you, your family and your church.

  • McKenzie

    This is going to be long. I’m about to pour my heart out to a total stranger… and.. well.. I guess a bunch of other people, too. But that’s kind of what you just did, isn’t it?
    Alrighty. So. I used to be a Christian– or I like to think I was. This was from approximately age 11 to 14. But it was a very life-changing experience. In good & bad ways– I learned from it, that is for sure. And even though I have gone back and forth between agnosticism and atheism for the past 5 years, I still use some of the grains I picked up back then to help me through the day.
    There are moments where I feel as if I KNOW there is something out there, and my father constantly reassures me of it with the simple fact that he is still here. Other times, I’m not so sure. I don’t feel as if it’s important to be sure.
    Sometimes I find myself praying. Sometimes I find myself rolling my eyes at the constant pleas of others for things to happen– the way I see it, we control our own reality to the best of our abilities, but to some extent, it is simply out of our hands. People pray that they’ll hear a yes when they ask some one out, that they’ll nail a job interview, or that their 80 year old grandmother will survive a failing liver and kidneys. People pray for short lines at the store, for red lights to turn green, or for a good grade on a test.
    People pray for everything. What do I pray for? I pray that things go the way they’re supposed to, and that if I don’t like it, that I am given the will and ability to change it or the strength to struggle through and accept it.
    I can sit down and have a conversation with a Christian as if I were one myself. I, however, just cannot make myself believe all the things that many followers of various faiths do. I believe in science, in reality, in truth, and also in the occasional miracle– like yours, for instance.
    God’s serenity prayer has always been a big one for me, courtesy of my father.
    This is all over the place. I’m sorry. Things just keep coming to mind. I don’t even know what this is about. All I know is that yours is a story I will not forget when I doubt a higher power. Thank you for that. Thank you for your faith, your trust, and your miracle.

  • Rob Smith

    God is not real.

  • http://Courageous.tv Shaun King

    Hey Rob,
    Is this something you are sure about? If so, spill the beans to me man. I’m definitely leaning toward believing that God is real. Now, we may not know all that we say we know, but I am pretty sure God is real.

  • http://www.christlikeclothing.com Harold Jackson (CHRISTlike Enterprises, LLC)

    As I sit in my living room preparing to leave this comment, my dress shirt and sweater cling to my chest. I am sweating heavily and almost can see my heart beat.
    I was at the small Penecostal church in Lexington, KY when the announcement was read concerning this horrendous (though miraculous)incident. Yet it seems like a lifetime ago, reading this post for the first time has revealed GOD’s glory in a whole new way to me.
    Shaun, I vividly remember visiting you then in your home in Versailles. Since so much had been said about the outcome, I was reduced to nervous quivers during the short drive from Lexington. It was your mother in-law, who I affectionately call “mother dearest”, that calmed my nerves so that I could experience what was necessary. And boy was it ever necessary.
    What moved me to tears was your refusal to be overcome by the “look at me now” effect. You were firmly entrenched in the SPIRIT and spoke of how this occurence coupled with various other moments in the past would provide ample evidence in the future of how the LORD is REAL and RELEVANT!!!
    We shared our dreams and aspirations of creating environments and opportunities for folks to witness the good LORD and most importantly to feel HIS love for themselves. I’m praising HIM as I type because from seeing your initiatives in Atlanta and experiencing GOD’s impact in my business…we are succeeding my friend! Yep, we spoke it; divine connection.
    From one crazy man for CHRIST to another…I Love You Bruh. See you next month.

  • Tametriece McGee

    God Bless!! I believe you and I know you Aren’t Crazy!

  • http://www.borednappy.blogspot.com Sonya Reed

    I was bored & Googling & ran across your site. Your testimony, your miracle brought serious tears to my eyes. Man, I’m supposed to be sneakin online for a time at work then getting off, I’ve had to take a full 30 minutes just to compose myself. You are truly blessed. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • http://yourministryhelper.com Valerie

    I’m glad you decided to share your story. It will help other people raise their faith and believe that God still sends his angels to watch over us. Miracles do happen.

  • hannah robert

    omg i cried…..that is a true miricle….expecially when they found out that no bone was broken….i personally think that it was bevccaus of the note but ya never know…..that was truly amazing…..sooo i am a little confused …..what happened to yo ur wife….well you can e-mail me at hannelovestractor@yahoo.com if you want…..or at hannahr@beaverisland.k12.mi.us it would be really cool if you did……it would be really cool if yoiu could…..soo yea i hop that yoiu read this message and type back….see this is the kind of persone that i am ….i think people like vannessa hugens is not really famous because half the stuff she says probably is a lie…..soooo yea i definatly think that you are way more famous then all of then all of them put together….because you have a true story to tell the world….email me back

  • http://www.AaronBlevins.com Aaron Blevins

    Praise God for his Mercy and Power!

  • http://michaelhigh.com Michael High

    Wooooo! Powerful testimony. I’m praising God for you right now. Thanks for sharing. I have always loved that song, now I will think of this every time I hear it. Thanks again for sharing!

  • http://fabulouslyfrugalicious.blogspot.com Trina

    Wow, truly amazing. Truly a miracle.

  • http://www.portraitsofmyself.blogspot.com Amy

    That is an amazing story, and thank God you’re okay. Thanks for giving hope and humbling where it was needed badly.

  • kristen henderson

    Wow, Shaun that is truly amazing. I was an amazing testimony of the goodness of God.

  • Judith

    I praise the LORD on your behalf.This only goes to prove that the LORD did it. He and he alone maketh impossiblities possible. Medically, socially, academically, You name it and the LORD will be there for you. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • http://www.myspace.com/glmontgo Greg Montgomery

    Praise the Lord! I know of God’s miracles. In 1997 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, I was walking with a cane headed for a wheel chair. I am a musician and couldn’t play..it was a tough time. Praise God May 28 1998 He Healed me! Gone……nothing left!
    God is Awesome!

  • http://www.forwardmin.com sara@glorygear.com

    Have you ever seen the finger of God? Great testimony! God loves to work miracles… Grace & peace,
    Sara http://www.forwardmin.com

  • http://www.devotionaldiva.com Renee Johnson

    Wow. I survived eczema taking the skin off my feet, hands, and face and it took 10 years so YES I’ll join you in celebrating LIFE and God’s miracles!!! No matter how small or great I know I was sent to this earth to spread the good news that Jesus saves!
    Amen, brotha!

  • http://www.SupernaturalGOD.com Nova Gadsden

    To GOD be the glory. I am thankful for His grace and mercy on you and your wife’s life.
    GOD Bless
    Nova Gadsden

  • Craig Sears

    What a chilling story and an amazing testament to the power of our Lord, Shaun. Thank you so much for sharing.
    God Bless you, your family, and your ministry!

  • RoShawn Hardin

    Thank you Shaun for sharing your story. Every now and again I lose site of how great God really is. I am going through some difficult times but each day He sends a message of faith and encouragement to me. Today it was through your story. May God continue to Bless you and your family always … In Jesus mighty name AMEN.

  • http://anointedconstructiondesign.com Rev. Fernando S. Hill

    You were right. Someone did need to hear your story… Me. Thank You. I pray that you will continually be of a good courage. Keep telling of HIS goodness. God Bless you and your family.

  • http://www.verticalfix.com Lisa B

    Ok, I was glued to the screen while reading this…keeping my composure, until the part where you had the nurse put the note on your chest in the hospital. I lost it, balling! couldn’t hold back. weeping and praising God. He is so amazinglyincredible. My heart is full. thank you for sharing. love to you and yours.

  • Karen Baptiste

    Yes. I believe in miracles. Thank you for sharing your miracle. Miracles do happen everyday. The key is believing. I remember that when Jesus went about performing healings he always asked “do you believe that I can do this?” According to your faith be it unto you. May God continue to bless you and your family and also your church. Your story has truly blessed my life.

  • Richard Jacobs

    Thanks shaun, God is good, not some of the time, but all the time. he may not come when we want him, but he is always on time!!!

  • Ramona J. Higgins

    Wow Shaun, that is definitely a miracle. You were most definitely blessed. I know exactly where you are coming from. I had a similar experience happen to me back in October except I wasn’t injured at all. I was just sore, and at first I was more concerned about my car than myself, and the first thing out of my parents mouth was “Thank God you aren’t hurt. God must have something great planned for you”. To me I was more like GOD where were you and why did you let this happen. I was upset with my fiance because he was suppose to be talking to me. But I couldn’t get pass my car being totaled. Today I have been struggling looking for work wondering where is GOD again and you brought me to tears with your story. You have renewed hope and faith in my life. Thank you Shaun. God most definitely has AWESOME things in store for you. My only hope is that I can be there to witness them.

  • Speciaka Mason

    Hi,I just want you to know that I really appreciate this testimony,I believe in Miracles and I agree that God doesn’t always do them when we want but I still know that he is able! I pray that God continues to bless you and your family,and continues to reveal himself to you and thru out your ministry…Be Blessed
    -Speciaka Mason

  • hannah h

    WOW! This is such an amazing and inspirational story that you have shared with us. I can only imagine the difficulty that came with you recalling that night. This story is another example of God’s presence everywhere, everyday, in everyone. Again, thank you and God Bless you and your family

  • Emily

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I could help my cry my eyes out the whole time. It was such a touch miracle, and God saved you for a reason. What that reason is, i’m not positive, but i have a feeling it was for you to share your story, and help others find the glory of God. I’ve had some friends read this, and find a new outlook on life, and their belief in God. Thank you so much,you have no idea how much of a difference you have made in so many people’s lives.
    God Bless,

  • http://blog.hafchurch.org/peter Peter P


  • Wilma Hayes

    Thanks for sharing your miracle. I am in the middle of a divorce and God keeps sending me signs to show he is looking after me. I believe in miracles and yours is an encouragement to me in these dark days.

  • Eric

    A truly loving and all-powerful father would not have let you get in the car accident in the first place, unless it was some sort of game to “teach you a lesson”. I think it’s great that you are making an awesome recovery, but there is no reason to believe that anything paranormal happened to keep you from breaking any bones. I have been close to a bunch of different accidents, and I’ve seen plenty stranger things happen.
    Why do you think an all powerful god would help you when he’s letting millions of children die of starvation all over the world? Is that a game to teach them a lesson, too?

  • Randy S

    Shaun, it’s amazing how God chooses to work in our lives! As you probably heard many folks speak of thier accidents when you were describing yours, I wanted to share that my family was in a head-on collision at a combined speed of over 90 mph this past March during a snow storm in the Colorado mountains. I had God whisper in my ear just 4 minutes prior…to have me check and see if my 12 year old son had fastened his seat belt. He had not. If I’m not prompted by God to check, he’s no longer hear with us on planet earth. All five of us survived and this incident gave me a whole new sense that God does speak to us, even at 46 years old. If we just let him work, and trust, miracles are ours for the taking! Great testimony brother!

  • Michie Williams

    Pastor Shaun I read your story for the first time and I find it very strong and to show the world that their is a God and he has the Power to bring you through anything that you face even head on. Praise God for your testimony. People need to know that even though you are save you still have to face tragedies. Because they come to make you stonger. Pastor Shaun keep on movin and blessing others with your testimony. God Bless you and your wife and children. M. Williams Carrollton Tx

  • Mark Mettler

    We should talk. I know that God has a reason for all things, and I like you know there are miracles and I have LOTS of people who are amazed even today bu the continued work in my life. I am glad you advertised on Facebook, it gives me thought on how to proceed in my own life. I fell 500 feet after my parachute collapsed on a sky dive. I was a dead man, a puddle, and today I walk and think and know full well that there is a God and he has a purpose for me. There are links to the Atlanta Journal Constitution story about me as well as other articles I have been told as well as television, but I slept for a while and don’t have TV at home, so I’ll have to refer yo to the web sites. You are blessed, there is a reason for your life.

  • Nozipho Sithole

    Hi Shaun
    God did an amazing thing for your family, i just wanted to find out how is your wife, did she sustain any injury or did she come out with scratches.
    Nozi (south Africa)

  • Byron Ransom

    Praise The Almighty God,

  • http://yolandaberry.wordpress.com Yolanda Berry

    I woke up earlier than normal to prepare myself to finally start writing a book that God has planted in my spirit years ago. I checked my email and a friend sent me your blog this morning. I’ve spent 2 hours reading every page of your blog and website. I am very inspired, encouraged and motivated from your story. In August 1998, I experienced a similar miracle in which I was helping a friend move to Macon, GA to go to college and the UHaul caught on fire while we were driving on I-75! We walked out of the accident without a scratch or burn, but the truck was completely burned to ashes where we sat. I witnessed many other miracles while living in Atlanta. This faith walk has prepared me for the present. I lost my job in July 2007 and was evicted by December of the same year. I lost my car in an accident at the same time. I was forced to relocate to live with family and friends. I’m currently in process of losing everything I owned in my storage unit because I was determined to move back to Atlanta which I consider my home of 12 years. I’ve been in transition, but still believing and trusting God. I have several testimonies to share with others. I believe God is calling His children to testify of His love, tell their stories and share their gifts. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It has pushed me to write my own story to honor God in all that He is. It’s time to act and not react. It’s not about me. I have a responsibility to share the Love of God with others. Thank you, Father!

  • http://yolandaberry.wordpress.com Yolanda Berry

    I woke up earlier than normal to finally start writing my book. God has planted this story in my spirit years ago. I checked my email this morning and received a message from a friend with a link to your blog. I read every page of your blog and website for over 2 hours. I am inspired, encouraged and motivated to share my story. In August 1998, I experienced a similar miracle. I was helping a friend move to Macon, GA to attend college when the UHaul caught on fire while driving on I-75! We jumped out of the truck without a scratch or a burn, however the truck was burned to ashes where we sat. A series of events over the years has led me on a path of faith. I am determined to pursue the talents God has given me despite obstacles, disappointments, failures, etc. In July 2007, I lost my job and by December I was evicted. I also lost my car in an accident at the same time. I had to relocate to live with family and friends and I’m currently in process of losing everything I own in my storage unit because I was determined to move back to Atlanta since that has been my home of 12 years. I’ve had peace of mind through the whole transition. Jesus carries us through the storms of life. I am still trusting and believing God and standing on His promises. It’s not about jobs, titles, money, material things, and it’s not about me. I have a responsibility to share the Love of God with others. I believe God is calling His children to share their testimonies, develop and utlize their gifts, and have compassion for others in this broken world. We need to walk more like Jesus. Let your mind, tongue, heart and spirit be alignment with God. Thank you, Father. It’s time to act and not react to what we see. God is in control. Again, thank you for your story and many blessing on the launch of your opening.

  • http://www.suchasoutherngirl.wordpress.com Tammy

    What an incredible post. Thank you for this! Our family has been looking for a church home and just reading your blog has inspired me to come check you out! See you soon.

  • Joshua

    I laughed to myself when you said “I thought Miracles rarely ever happen.” Because I have experienced, and people I know are experiencing miracles literally every Week. God does work with Miracles… expect much from him, but let him have the means and the glory to do what is his will.
    Your story incredible and you would be foolish to think God did not intervene, and that he has no plans for your life. Praise God for his goodness.
    and this is for everyone, You are a child of God, yes a daughter, or son in the Lord. He is looking out for you, and his shield of protection over you is more than you will ever know. his love knows no bounds.

  • vincent@oldworldvillas.com

    This is awesome. I just got thru reading your story in Dan Ohlerking’s blog. (I am blessed to be part of Healing Place Church’s Baton Rouge Dream Center). Anyway, I wandered over here from Dan’s blog and this whole thing rocks. God is going to kick some serious devil butt through this church…… I may have to check it out one day. Keep it up in Jesus’ name.

  • http://www.soldbycharisse.com Charisse Dancy

    When I had my accident February 28, 2007 you came to me at church and said, “you understood what I was going through!” I had no idea. Isn’t God amazing! I believe I will testify too! I’m A Miracle! When I broke my neck and they said that there would be a possibility that I would be paralyzed, God said no!
    Keep on my brother!

  • Thomas

    Wow man, Thanks for sharing you story. It was real touching. Im glad you survived an I know Jesus is real

  • Ruben

    I just read your story Shaun and it sounds like an absolute miracle happened to you that cold day on that black icy road. You are truly blessed!

  • http://www.themoneymovement.blogspot.com Sheldon F. Joseph

    Shaun, i’m moved deeply in my heart after reading this. I experienced a heart attack at 21 years old and i was all alone in DC. I drove myself to the hospital afterwards. I too remember the moments of “I’m not going to make it”. I was single then and not a christian, yet inherently I knew to pray and call on God the Father, God the Healer, god the great Physician. My wife and i both look forward to visiting your ministry in short time. Be blessed sir and never stop sharing your story.

  • Jeff

    Thanks for sharing your story. It makes a difference.

  • Tracy

    I know that the Lord was with you when this happened, because he was with me too. I was struck on the right side of my Chevrolet Cavalier by a Ford F-150 traveling at 60mph. My car was crushed to where it was half its normal width. I suffered multiple broken ribs, a broken collar bone, bruised vertebra in my back, a bruised lung, torn cartilage in my knee, and a lacerated liver. I was told by doctors and nurses that the chances of my dying were very high due to my lacerated liver. All the while, my uncle and his church, Gonzalez Baptist Church were praying for my safe recovery. I know in my heart that their prayers are the reason why I am here today and living a full life. God is the Light of my life.

  • stephen

    thank God and please start wearing your seat belt

  • http://www.terracecrawford.com Terrace Crawford

    I get chill bumps every time I think of your story. God is Good!
    I pray for you, your family and your church often.
    –Terrace Crawford

  • Kandace Velasquez


  • Latrice

    I kept seeing this on facebook and kept wanting to click on it, but never did. I finally did today and your testimony is truly amazing. I thank God that He spared you and I pray that you fulfill the calling He has on your life. Your wife is in my prayers as well, as I noticed you didn’t mention her anymore after wandering how her condition was in the car… I pray all is well with her as well. Our Youth Praise & Worship Dance Team actually did a dance off of The Presence of the Lord is Here. The next time they do this dance, I would love to share your story (not in its entirety) but bits and pieces from beginning to end if possible. I believe your experience will touch the lives of the people witnessing the dance.
    Again, I thak God for you and the sharing of your miracle.

  • Allison

    Praise the Lord! God is great and He is good! Thank you for sharing your testimony and your miracle. Shaun, you have called to do great things, and the enemy is angry that he did not take you out then. But, JESUS! :)
    Love and blessing,

  • Rev. Jennifer

    WOW, I’m rejoicing for your blessing. I was injured in 2003, not deadly, but I don’t care what doctors, say I’m not permanently disabled, God is healer and I believe I’m on the verge of a break through.

  • Meeka

    Thank u for sharing this. I cried n cried

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Sherri_McCoy Sherri_McCoy

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I found the Free Breakfast Church one day while Googling Free Stuff in Atlanta, being someone that really NEEDS to lose weight I try to avoid free food deals, but the word church made me take a look at the page and I am glad I did..first your first free breakfast video made me smile…the children are adorable and the homeless people that were blessed by your breakfast was a heart warming sight to see. Then I scrolled down and read your Miracle story. Praise be to God! Glory to Jesus!!!

  • Robert Sells

    My brother there is nothing too impossible for God! What an incredible testimony to the existence and goodness of God!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/shaunking shaunking

    Thanks Robert! I hope my testimony increases your faith in our Amazing God!– Shaun KingLead Pastor, The Courageous ChurchWeb: http://www.Courageous.tvBlog: http://www.ShaunInTheCity.comPhone: 404.461.9850
    From: IntenseDebate Notifications

  • http://dannyrambles.blogspot.com Danny Youngers


    Good Saturday afternoon to you and the entire King family bro! I just want to say a huge thank you for posting this up and sharing the power of God at work in lives daily my friend! I'd like to think that not only was it God's healing miracles that allowed you to survive this accident; but that your last name meant a whole lot more than you may have realized that day. You see….THE KING of the KINGS was with you and still walks and guides you daily so WOW to the King of Kings for saving this mighty Shaun King for your Glory and purposes Lord!
    Loving knowing you more daily bro! Keep that fire fresh and never let that day escape your memory or testimony! There is sooo much power in the blood my friend and your love and passion for Christ Jesus, truly IS Contagious; imagine that….This IS the very name God gave you for the Church. Ironic? I think not my fellow Warrior for Christ! God Bless you and your beautiful family all the days of your lives Shaun.

    Danny Youngers
    The 180 Life LifeGroup Leader

  • Jinaki

    Man i tried to hold back the tears from reading your story ..wow..speechless..I believe in Miracles

  • Saideh Browne

    I tried to send this via twitter but you're not folling me: D shaunking Would you be interested in booking speakers for faith based events. I own a speakers bureau?? Its commission only

  • John

    Not that religious? Dude…aren't you a pastor?

    Other than that comment that struck me as a bit odd, your testimony was AWESOME!!!

  • Jane

    Oh, Shaun! Thank you for giving your glorious testimony. You may not ever know how much
    your story has encouraged me. I am going thruuuuuu. I feel I don't have the strength, but I want the Lord to write a sign on my heart, "I still believe in the goodness of the Lord."

    Thank you,


  • http://www.jrouseministries.com Rouse Ministries

    Wow. Thank you so much for share that. I too had a very bad car accident in 2004 and it is nothing but the grace of God why I am still alive….Hallelujah. I'm still very badly injured and but alive and for that I am truly grateful and give thanks to God every day. I was a minister at the time of the accident. However since that time of major rehabilitation which took about a year and a half to learn to walk again, physio and all the hardward in my leg, I got to spend about 6 months at home in a wheel chair with the Lord. It was the deepest most intimate time I've ever had with God. At that time God revealed that I would take my online ministry that I started in 2002 full time and leave my church after many years of dedicated service. Well, what can I say…since then I have brought the first Christian Comedy show to the my litle City in Canada, did major community outreach, expanded even more so in worldwide ministry, distributed Bibles and Christian materials around the world, in parts of Africa and now have a Bible Distribution in Pakistan. I have restructure churches and helped to bring God's people together.

    Evangelist J. Rouse

  • http://www.jrouseministries.com Evangelist J. Rouse

    God is so awesome. Sometime we need to go through some things for Him to catch our attention. And sometimes, He just wants us to "be still and know that He is God". I'm so glad He is using you in abundance.By the way, is your wife okay?

    Blessings to you, yours and all you do. To God be the glory.

    Evangelist Rouse,
    Rouse Ministries

  • Barron Chisolm

    WOW WOW WOW!!! Although, I have had the same thoughts as you about miracles (they rarely, if ever, happen in the real world), I REALLY DO believe they happen in our world today. I praise God for you and your story. I needed to hear this even in my miniscual situations. God is a healer and clearly, through your POWERFUL story, is a true miracle worker. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Mr. King and your story has brought me into your blog world–you're bookmarked now lol! Keep sharing! Peace.

  • Kristen

    Wow- your story is awesome and so encouraging. We all have to believe that miracles do happen everyday-some even happen without us even knowing it-a lot of us could have been in the situation you were in, but a miracle stopped it from happening. God is so miraculous and so faithful and so wonderful. I am so sure that people were saved (nurses, doctors, etc) from this-there are probably so many reasons why it happened-not just to change your life but so many others people's lives-thank you so much for sharing the whole story

  • http://mommimusings.blogspot.com HappyWifeHappyLife

    I just stumbled upon this today…. what a powerful, amazing story! What a testimony and witness you have to our amazing GOD!!!! Clearly, God chose YOU and your wife to plant this church …. and has big things in store for you! I am enjoying reading about your church! (I go to 12Stone – out in Gwinnett County – but I am VERY excited about the up and coming things that Courageous Church is doing!

    Blessing and Peace to you, your family and your church!

  • http://www.sallyannestephenson.blogspot.com sally

    i have just read your story with tears streaming down my face, it is an incredible miracle, thank you for sharing and lifting my spirits today!


  • http://www.nextdoor2myex.blogspot.com The Girl Next Door

    This is truly an amazing story – thank you for sharing. And God Bless You Continually.

  • http://crosscampusministry.com Mike

    wow i cried when i read that

  • http://jerrykelso.com Laura Kelso

    I stumbled upon your story tonite or maybe I was led here I’m not sure but without a doubt you and your family were delivered from certain death in order that you might yet Accomplish your purpose and destiny on earth and bring glory to God for His great love, mercy and wisdom in the affairs of men. I have a parallel story that may challenge the thinking of some that also reveals what a great and mighty God we serve. My son Brandon Kelso was pronounced dead on arrival at U of KY hospital April 2nd 2009 at 8:45pm after being struck by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle home from work. He did not have a bruise or scratch on his body even though he was violently thrown to the pavement when struck. He was my only son, 21 years old and on fire for God, he was a bright and shining light in a dark world just a few hours earlier one of his customers at his work was so touched by his sincerity and work ethic that she asked for his manager to report that he was such an exceptional representative that they were fortunate to have him as an employee. After learning of the accident on the news that evening she found a link to our website to let us know what a bright witness for Christ our son was just a few hours prior to his death. We were greatly comforted when the Pastor at Southland 608 shared with us that Brandon had asked him to just give him a checkup days earlier…saying”I am doing everything I know to do right but just in case..check me out.” What great comfort this gave us when we heard this story. I share this with you and others reading this blog so that you might remember that our days are numbered and we should always live as though it was our last moment on earth making our life count for eternity. At Brandons memorial service seven people that we know of were born again and many more dedicated their lives to God again. So as parents we believe our son finished his purpose on earth and graduated early to inherit his eternal destiny in the universal kingdom of our Lord and Saviour. We are reminded again that this life now is not our REAL life but only preparation for our eternal purpose and destiny as sons and daughters of God.I pray all who read our story have this revelation. Godspeed, Laura and Jerry Kelso

  • http://www.caringheartsoutreach.org Nina Robinson

    Hey Shaun ,

    I'm late on hearing your testimony..
    Jesus gave us the power and the authority to raise the dead and lay hands on the sick..
    God raised you from the dead and called your body to line up to His word..
    Halleauh, GOD is a miracle worker everyday and He is a GOD who Heals!
    Thank you for sharing your testimony of fear,unbelief and Faith towards the end.
    It's because of your FAITH when you told the Nurse to write that Letter, that you believed that GOD can Heal me and I will not DIE, but I shall Live and Be Healed by the Blood of the Lamb…

  • Marsha Williams

    I just read this. Wow! This is amazing. Thanks for being so transparent.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/grandygurl grandygurl

    This testimony for me is very inspiring and needful. No i haven't been through anything like you, but we all stand in need of miracles in our lives. I have experienced the miracle working power of our Lord and Savoir. I look to what He has done, what He is doing and looking forward to what He wants to do and will do for His people. Thanks so much for sharing, it has really been and encouragement to me today.

  • Saved

    WOW! Simply WOW….We serve an AMAZING God! Just AMAZING!

  • Steven

    Awesome life experience! I cried internally, while tears welled up inside my eyes. Mostly because I am at work, while reading this. What a huge destiny shift! This was planned before the world began. God is working on your character and life plan for change. Be prepared. God bless you!

  • Migdalia De'Leon

    Shaun…..my fiance is awaiting a kidney transplant…..but I like am a believer of miracles…..and reading your story just boosted my level of faith a little higher..to believe that GOD will do a miracle on his behalf……wow….

  • James

    Wow Glad you survived most people don't live to tell a story like that consider yourself pretty lucky and no broken bones? VERY Lucky! Best story of luck that i've ever heard. Thx for sharing! :-)

  • Colleen Pifer

    Thank You for sharing this story! I cried. We are overcome by the Blood of The Lamb and The Word of our Testimony!!! Bless You and The Family In Jesus Name. God is using you in a mighty way. Strength, Peace and Joy unto You All.

  • Kimberly Bradshaw

    God is so Good and always on time.

  • Lionel Morton

    King, I never new comin up with you and being such great friends, that miracles surrounded us like that. You have alway inspired me and Im glade that God gave you hope and the power to be the King of a man that you are. God bless you and you Family. You wife and kids are amazing. And thanks for always being a great friend. My mom is proud of you. Love you man, Lionel "Soul Train" Morton

  • http://thywordpropheticministry.com anjelica

    Always share this story…it is very important because God gets the Glory out of this story.

  • OGZzz

    Wow that clearly was a miracle it happens and some people go through it some dont .> but anyways How Unlucky God Bless you:L :)

  • Constance

    I cried.

  • Jonia Milburn

    That is a Blessing!!

    Your testimony is truly a LWJD "Look What Jesus Testimony. Please feel free to post it on our LWJD Testimony Site. It should be by the end of this week. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!!!

    lww.lwjd.org or http://www.lwjd.com

    Blessed to be a Blessing,
    Jonia Milburn

  • Jonia Milburn

    Oops! that was a typo it is LWJD: "Look What Jesus Did __
    All it took was Faith.__
    (the period represents a mustard seed)

  • LFW

    I just jumped onto your site after reading "Sharing Your Faith" on SF Daily Devotional. I enjoyed the message. Well, after reading this miraculous event, I could not stop crying. On yesterday, my faith was tested in all kind of ways. I was giving in to the enemy, until the midnight hour when I could not take it anymore. I had to call on the Lord. This was a great reminder of Who is in charge at all times. Thank you for sharing this and I will always remember His goodness! This was a total blessing to my life. Thank you so much!

  • Kansha Ferreira

    woah! Thank you for your encouragements. May God bless you

  • Eveline Ngwa

    Hi Shaun, thanks for sharing your testimony with us. It was your faith in God that made Him to proof that when you look unto Him, He can never let you down. Thank you very much and God bless you, your family and church in Jesus name, Amen

  • Brenda

    It is a awesome miracle taht not abone in your body was broken, so how is your wife doing? After seeing the condition of the car you know that the presence of the Lord was with you both! Be blessed and continue to minister to others …May God continue to bless you both!

  • shawn

    THANKS for sharing your story.GOD bless you.

  • Janille Hill

    AMAZING story! God is so good! I just came across the ad for your church on FB and I am SO excited to visit! My husband and I are performing artists and actually live in NY.We will be in ATL for the next 6 weeks though and we were looking for place we can worship while we are here. We go to a Vineyard Church, The River in NYC that has a similar philosophy to the Courageous Church. So glad that I clicked the ad….LOOKING FORWARD!

  • Shayla

    Thank you so much Shaun for posting the miracle that took place! God is so Faithful and He is STILL in the HEALING business! He is the God that healeth! I was truly blessed and continue to be blessed by reading this article – I can hardly stop weeping because Christians have gotten so far from BELIEVING in the Power of God and His Annointing….we don't know who we are anymore….who we were created to be….we don't know the authority and supernatural power we were given….and worst of all, we don't believe. This should be the norm…we should hear stories like this daily, several times a day…this is what Christ did on this Earth in addition, to saving souls! He's a Healer, Restorer, Deliverer, Miracle Worker, Redeemer, Sanctifier and soooooo much more! To God be All Glory!!

    God Bless you and your family!

  • Donna

    I now you're a pastor, no disrespect intended here, but I gotta say it this way…

    Dude! You are a master storyteller…there's no music or anything playing up in here…just reading…and you got me crying! I'm not a cryer.

    Min. Shaun King, thank you so very much for being obedient to the Spirit of God and telling your story.


  • http://www.moonmonkeycoffeecompany.blogspot.com Shannon La France

    Thank you for shraring your miracle & story! I too believe that Miracles happen & will continue to happen for HIS glory! Would of loved to hear the chatter as others read the note on your chest
    “I still believe in the Goodness of the Lord”

  • Elaine Williams

    Reading all of this brought back the memories of my own car accident. But my accident could not compareto what you experienced though I thought my accident recovery was a miracle. Going through a windscreen and returning to the vehicle was the Supernatural Power of God at its most Visble WOOOOOW! UNEXPLAINABLE. Thank God for you and your wife. HE is not through with you all yet.Too much still left to do for HIM.

  • shalonda

    praise the lord. thank u for shareing this amazing mericale with us all. god bless

  • Mark

    Don't buy it

  • Pat

    i just read your testamoney and praise God! I do ask as I admit I did not read all the comments posted here .. but how is your wife? Each morning we all need to praise God for a new day and thank him each night.. I feel an extra praise is needed tonight.. I am also not far from Atlanta ( I am right outside Columbus, Ga) but will definately look up your church when deciding to go visiting and drop by for I know a blessing. God Bless you and your family

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/shaunking shaunking

    What do you mean Mark?– Shaun KingLead Pastor, The Courageous ChurchWeb: http://www.Courageous.tvBlog: http://www.ShaunInTheCity.comPhone: 404.461.9850
    From: IntenseDebate Notifications

  • Lauren

    Ain't No Promise Like A Holy Ghost Promise, Cuz A Holy Ghost Promise Don't Fail!!!!

  • Erica

    Thank the lord!!!!!!!I have been going through so much and ran across your story and all but boo whooed the whole way thru. God is good and thanks to your story I am very much reassured.I just thank him so much. Thank u lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ethel

    Shawn thank you for sharing..

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/celiadyer Celia Dyer

    Amazing testimony of the Lord's protection and of your faith. I am so glad you shared this story, but I know it was difficult to do. Your church sounds awesome.

  • Paola

    Hi King Family! WOW what a Story…. Im a work crying of the crazy misterious ways that God works!
    I can stop thinking how close to home this hit, Im actualy writting from Lexington kentucky and 2 days ago…we went and looked at a House that we love, stared paper and that night ( tuesday nov 10) we hit a deer in Versailles road….well the scion Tc that my fiance has work so hard on is done, the police could not belive all the damage and no windshild left…and the fact that neither Him not I have a scratch on our Face…. God is good…. and everyday….is a remainder that he loces us….. The presence of the Lord is here!!!!

    What a powerful story, Blessings going your way!

  • Val in FL

    Thank you for sharing your miracle from God publicly. I too received a miraculous healing from our AWESOME Father God and have shared it with people in large group settings as well as one on one. I have asked God many times the question that most have asked me after hearing my testimony, "Why me and not so-and-so?" I do not get the direct answer to this but am only comforted by His Spirit whenever I am called upon to tell someone my story whether they "believe" it or not. Our God is a God of miracles; always has been and always will be…it's up to each one of us whether or not we believe this is true :).



  • Demetria King

    Your Testimony is inspiring and uplifting! I was involved in a head on collision in which my jaw was broken. I can't imagine your head going through the window and it not resulting in any broken bones. It's an undeniable miracle. Thank you for putting my day in perspective and reminding me that God in His infinite wisdom is still in the business of performing miracles!!!

  • Mabel G

    For Some reason, I am just reading this after reading your article on Streaming Faith Daily Devotion and I noticed you had a blog site which I went to and then saw your post about your miracle… When I read how there was not a broken bone in your body, the Spirit of the Lord came on me as I began to praise and thank Him for what He did. I am convinced that God gave you a genuine miracle not so much for you only, but for all of the people who will hear or read about what happened. His ways are not our ways, and He knows how to get His message across to us. God is a great and mighty God, and I love Him and praise HIm for all of His Goodness and Mercy towards us. Thank you so much for sharing your testimony, for it has truly blessed me today. May God continue to bless you, your family and your ministry.

  • debora in dc

    Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am a reader of streaming faith and i read you daily word for today and seeing your smile lead me to read your story. The fact that you are a young man,minister. husband, father and grad student, is what also caught my eye, along with the fact you are in Atlanta and I could visit your church when i come to atlanta. But when i read your story, my mouth droped open and i started to tear up. I know for myself that i serve a MIGHTY GOD, AND AFTER READING YOUR STORY , I STILL KNOW EVEN MORE THAT I SERVE A MIGHTY GOD. Well my next time in Atlanta i will be there, to see the mircle in the flesh.God bless you and your family and keep up the great work you are doing.

  • BARB

    We do serve an Awesome God, What man say is impossible, is possible with God!!!! I've had miracles in my life too,This past Christmas Day 2008, 4:30 a.m. I was at the Emergency Room in extreme pain in my neck and head. I had been praying and asking God to let me know what was hurting so bad even if he wouldn't heal me. The Dr. was going to send me home with some muscle relaxing pills, but decided to get an x-ray of my throat. She called me into the office and showed me the x-ray on the screen, even I could see the big bone-spurs looking like a set of claws next to my vertabrate! The Doctor said you're going to have to go to your Dr., get a MRI, go to a Neurosurgeon and he's going to have to operate. I just started praying harder and along with my Pastor, and church family we prayed that the bone spurs would just grind up into dust and past out of my body. For complete Healing from the Spurs.

  • BARB

    I went to my Dr. she had seen the x-ray and told me to go for the MRI, I told here that the bone spurs weren't there that God had grinded them up. I went for the MRI, the Tech told me that everything looked good. Ater about 2 wks, I called the Dr. since I hadn't heard from her, She said that it only showed Degenative Bone{your bones are getting older). I also go to a Rhemulatogist every 6 months, I told her about the bone spurs and that I didn't have them any more. She though that I had surgery, I told her GOD HEALED ME. She send for copies of the MRI and the x-rays, the sent me a note on what she found Degenative Bone also. We should all expect Miracles!!!! Thank GOD for your Miracle also Shaun!! THANK GOD FOR ALL THINGS BIG AND SMALL!!!! AMEN!!

  • http://www.kenrawson.com Ken

    great story man. thanks for sharing!

  • kandi

    what pentacostal church do ur mother in law attend? This was an awesome testimony of Jesus love, grace and mercy He has for us!

  • Dane

    Your testimony is powerful and I agree wholeheartedly – IT WAS A MIRACLE! "God Still Works Miracles…Have Faith, Have Faith In God." God's purpose for you on this earth was not accomplished, and He will perfect that which concerns you. He who has begun a good work in you will perform it till the day of Jesus Christ. May He grant you the courage and support you need to fulfill ALL your dreams.

  • Staffany

    Wow!!! I'm at Aw! All I can say is God is so magnificant and Awesome…thanks for sharing God Glorious Miracle.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/gphill31 gphill31

    This morning (West Coast time) I just read your Streaming Faith writing entitled "Win the Entire Race" posted on Dec. 2, 2009. After reading that, it led me to your page and THIS story. WOW…a true miracle. It both encourages and frightens me though, because THIS is the toll of serving God. Having said that, "No weapon formed against me shall prosper"–I have to repeat this to myself DAILY!!

  • La Verne Hinds-White

    One word: AWESOME!

  • guest

    The small hole in the windshield in the pictures of the car doesn't look large enough for a person to be ejected through or to get bounced back in through. From reading the story, it seems most likely that you never left the car.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/shaunking shaunking

    Hello Guest,

    What is the point you are aiming to make? Is it to say that I am embellishing the facts? Is it that you do not believe in miracles? I am stumped. This story is so insane that it needs no extra facts.

    I never said my entire body was ejected from the car. That hole in the window was made directly by my face. That is my blood all around the glass. It tore may face into pieces. As my face/head/shoulders went through the windshield we hit a guardrail. Hitting the guardrail caused another terrible impact that also threw me back into the car. Had it not been for that, I would have been completely ejected.

    Hope this helps.


  • @janiejedwards

    what a powerful testimony!! Glory to God!! your story was touching indeed. I was jamming to Byron Cage's song with you after! Thank you for sharing.

  • http://www.cincomom.com Kia Morgan Smith

    Wow…I stepped off a curb wrong and broke my ankle so bad that I had to have screws and bolts in it…FOR REAL… Unbelievable that there were NO fractures… God wanted you here to pursue this dream of starting this church. I am encouraged!! See you at the church!!

  • Porshica

    Wow u really did experience a miracle…..God is really a good God!!!

  • Crissy Spells

    I believe you to the fullest because I was beaten in the head with a hammer by my x husband which disfigured my face, broke my jaw in five places, left me totally blind in my left eye and messed up my sence of smell and taste not to mention I was five months pregnant with his son me and my baby survived it all by the help of the good LORD!!! I have placed three pictures on my space for any one to see where GOD brought me from.

  • Jessie

    Thank you for sharing your story. The lord is wonderful and I know he healed you. Doctors, nurses, and EMTs, they couldn't have all made a mistake. They knew they were looking at massive injuries. And you did have them, but then you were healed. I believe.

  • Neil Wein

    That would be really cool Shaun. The more people that can experience the Truth of His miracles the better! What a great idea.

    Neil Wein

  • nana-fatima

    Miracles still happen, I know they do, you are one example. To God be the glory. He sure is awesome.

  • http://www.handshouseandheartfull.com Kristen

    Wow. What a powerful story!! I just found your blog and your church's site and I love them already! I wish I lived closer to Atlanta…but I'm like 4 hours away! It seems like you are doing awesome things for God…and not in the name of religion or popularity…or any of the other seemingly useless reasons people do things. It kills me that my brother went through a similar situation and still doesn't believe in God. Maybe….just maybe…I could get him to take a look at your blog or your church's site. Thank you so much for sharing your story!!

  • http://prodigalreturn.blogspot.com dc angah

    I follow you on Twitter and decided to visit your blog. Thank you for sharing your story! I’m sure this will help/inspire many people. I know you are doing many wonderful things in the ATL and to try to spur support for Haiti. May God continue to bless you for all that you do!

    One question: Can you recommend a good church in the Philadelphia area? A progressive, God-fearing, missions-focused church? Very jealous of the great options in your city. : )


  • melissa

    Thanks for sharing this. I needed to be reminded that all I need is a miracle…and that God still does those…so glad that you are good.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JeffHolton Jeffrey Holton

    (DISCLAIMER: The following is obviously meant to be taken as a gross understatement.)

    That's a pretty cool story.

  • http://www.owenvideo.com Andy O

    Thanks for sharing this man. Not sure how I stumbled over here, but I'm nearly brought to tears as a young father myself thinking how hard I would struggle and how desperately I would pray to keep from leaving my daughter and wife alone. I know you're on to new things in your life, but the story remains just as exciting to a new reader as it was the first day you wrote it.

  • http://www.wgomag.com Bilal

    You are here for real a reason! ( as 50 wold say lol) God has a plan for you and i think your on the right track.. I 've never met you but a close friend of mines knows you and introduced me to your site. i visit it quite frequently now and always seem to find something inspirational. I think you are truely Blessed, man its good to know their are people like you in this world! I wish you and your fam the Best I believe in miracles too i witness it everyday I awake and open my eyes! keep up the good work man, i'll pray for you, your fam, your mission, and your journey.

    I'm a lexington, Ky native check out my site http://www.WGOMAG.com if you get a chance and maybe we can collab i would like to feature you in my mag.

    God Bless and i hope to hear from you soon!


  • http://www.randykinnick.wordpress.com Randy Kinnick


    Thanks for sharing your story. I believe God is glorified by your willingness to share. I, too, don't understand how and why miracles happen when they do (or don't). But, I know that God does perform miracles according to His wise and sovereign plan. I know that when He saved me from hell, He performed a miracle. I know, too, that the miracle of His deliverance and victory in my life for the struggles I face, are as sure as His love for me (us). Your story confirms and assures me of that a little more. Thank you.

  • Michelle

    You gave me a reason to really believe again. God bless you.

  • Kevin Coley

    Your story is an encouragement man. Thanks for sharing

  • Nicole

    It is great that you believe that God performed a miracle for you and healed your bones. Is it because you believe so passionately? Because you prayed alot? Because God loved you and had a purpose for your life? Too bad God didn't love my father quite as much and allowed him to die a horrible long-suffering death from colon cancer. Too bad God didn't love my mother quite as much so she is destined to live out her life with Alzheimer's, unable to recognize her family, unable even to speak. If God truly existed, why wouldn't God be merciful to everyone? Why wouldn't God perform miracles for everyone? Why doesn't my family get a miracle? Or those families in Haiti or Chile? Why? Because God exists only as an idea in your head. The thought of a merciful/helping/loving God may help you get through a tough situation; I am not trying to belittle your belief system. But luck happens. Sh*t happens. God doesn't.

  • Princess Natalia!

    Wow! Amazing!

  • jodi calhoun

    Mr. King ive also been three accidents that should have took my life,The first was while i was high on drugs meth and i had been up for days.I took my sisters car without asking and ran it into a curve at 90 miles an hour.Flip the car three times and broke the car in half,didnt not have a seat belt on and was thrown in the back seat then out the back window.I should have died that night and i walked away from it with cuts on my face.God i s good since then ive got my life on track with god and been clean for three years.I tell my story to any one that will lesson hoping that god will touch there heart.I was alos in two other car crashes that i walked away from without broken bones but have since found out that ive got degentive disc disease from all the accidents and cant do alot of things but god is good and spared my life and i thank him everyday for it.Thanxs for sharing your story jodi calhoun

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/krystalgrant krystalgrant

    What an awesome story…and a fantastic testiment of your faith in God.

  • Misty Berry

    All I can say is praise GOD! Such a tragic yet touching story… I’m sure you’ve saved or changed someone’s life with this one. GOD bless you!!!!

  • Tyler Irby

    Hey Shaun –
    What a great story about the goodness of God! Miracles happen if we only believe. I will be praying tonite for your church that God would do GREAT THINGS in downtown Atlanta!

    In Christ's love
    -Tyler Irby

  • http://www.facebook.com/SouLuvable Tanya Davis

    GOD IS.

  • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/pastorashley Ashley Jensen

    Shaun, I've heard your story from a mutual friend but this the first time I've read it on your blog. I'm speechless, in awe, weeping, and amazed at God. He does miracles and He does them BIG. After meeting you the other day and SEEING your face in person for the first time, there's no doubt about it… This is a miracle. Just amazing. And the way you are giving back is a testament to the goodness of God. Keep pushing bro, those dreams that are still locked up in your heart are being lived out everyday.

  • http://www.pneumaled.wordpress.com pneumaled

    Wow! To God be the Glory! I am grateful that the Lord has given you the opportunity to experience pneumatology,i.e. the works of the Holy Spirit. It is an awesome reality to notice when our situations reveal the same Christ we read about in Mark's gospel. I am blessed and grateful to know you as well. I know who you are, but you do not know who I am. You were, I guess, the SGA president at Morehouse College when I entered Morehouse in Fall 1999. You were not like the other Morehouse guys. When I heard you speak I totally doubted that I could ever speak with such tenacity in reference to the topics you were most passionate about. However, I had a vision of you speaking before tens of thousands of people in regards to something that you were passionate about, and I honestly thought that you would be the first African American president of the United States, but Obama beat you to it; there is still a miracle awaiting you. More miracles that awaits you brother. You have a favor over your life, and I did not want to listen to anything you had to say when I was at Morehouse because I thought you were trying to be something you were not; or maybe you were being who you are and I believed that your reality was a psuedo-reality for me. However, the Lord has favor over my life as well, and I know that God lives His people. I also believe in Miracles and I believe Miracles happen everyday, every second, and just about ever time I blink my eyes and you blink your eyes, or breathe, or digest; see you are experiencing a miracle right now. I do not have a definite purpose or motive for commenting on your story, but I am also a young servant of the Lord. And I pray that you have an awesome day in the Lord, and that God will continue to give you revelation and to, everyday, increase your zeal for Christ. God bless you brother. In Christ, Donald W. William II….Morehouse 2003'

  • Dan

    It is interesting to read the replies here and to see the many people out there who are excited about the concept of God and who are happily willing to cast their vote towards attaching God's name to touching stories with happy endings. Probably many of the people who would not find excitement, or sense, or complete integrity in marketing this story as a miracle story are not going to feel overly compelled to comment on it, instead being content to leave Evangelical Christian blogs to Evangelical Christians. I happen to think though that it is important for Christians and non Christians to communicate and to attempt to understand each other, so just thought that I'd add a note to represent the perspective of those who don't necessarily lean towards viewing an interpretation of the miraculous as being the most compelling interpretation to apply to this story.

    A few elements to take note of are (1) Cuts to the face produce much more blood flow than cuts on other areas of the body and with 300 stitches needed, there would have likely been copious amount of blood all over Shaun's face, that along with the glass shards embedded in the wounds, and also along with Shaun’s less than fully stoic constant screaming (using allegedly broken facial bones) likely would have contributed to a visceral atmosphere of gore that could have understandably shaken even seasoned EMTs and emergency room doctors and nurses into an exaggerated state of emotional anxiety and trepidation leading them to initially speculate that there was damage to the bone structure of Shaun's face that was underlying, and concealed by, the gory mess on top.

    (2) Once the blood was washed off and the glass shards removed, Shaun’s face didn’t look all that terrible. We can see this cleaned up face in the pictures that he posted. In these photos, his nose is straight, and the cuts and abrasions appear to be more from scraping against glass – face grating against the shattered windshield as his face pushed through and grating across the broken edges again as he fell back into the car.

    (3) From my own set of personal experiences, it seems that car windshields are not engineered to break people’s faces, but are instead engineered with the purpose of bending, flexing, and giving in when confronted with human projectiles. I once saw a nine year old girl’s head make a head-sized bubble/dent in a windshield to the point of nearly breaking it through. She received a head scan and no bones were broken. Also, a high school colleague of mine was thrown fully through his front windshield and over the hood of his car when hitting a tree at high speed. He also had no broken bones in his body and when he returned to school his face looked much like Shaun’s in the picture. There were no theories of God surrounding that incident. Mainly just increased focus on the importance of wearing a seatbelt, not driving too fast, as well as a (secular-style) humbled appreciation of human life and of second chances that come to us by virtue of luck outside of our own control (enhanced by safety/impact engineering in the automotive industry). Also, I was a passenger in a car once, along with other members of my family, that slid off of the interstate at 65 miles an hour and headed sideways down a steep hill and very nearly flipped. I didn’t feel compelled to attribute survival and lack of injury to deities, but more so to luck, to safety engineering of modern automobiles, to safety engineering of roads (that had the hill been slightly steeper there would have been an increased chance of a guard rail having been present), as well as the balanced helpful role that the rain that caused the car to slide off the road in the first place played in lubricating the ground so that we slid through slippery mud, rather than traveling sideways over dry ground that would have much more likely caught a tire and caused the car to flip).

    Anyway, those are just some thoughts and observations from a more secular perspective to contribute to bringing balance to some of the deistic perspectives represented here. We can choose to say, Glory be to God, Shaun is saved! Or we can choose to say that Shaun got unlucky by not paying attention while driving on ice without a seatbelt, but that his unluck was not so bad as to kill him and now we can all benefit by learning some life lessons from his sharing of his experience.

    Thanks Shaun and glad that you’re OK now!

  • http://www.facebook.com/courageous Shaun King

    Hey Dan! I loved reading your thoughts man. For real. I am a regular dude. I have thought about all of your conclusions dozens of times. Came to them on my own.

    People of faith choose to view the world differently. Your luck = my miracle.

    Either way my friend, I'm glad I made it. If you are right and I am wrong, I still believe in the goodness of God.

    Blessings to you bro,


  • Jeff

    Wow! I just recently came to your site. Your story is amazing. It had my eyes welling up in tears. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank God for his miracle.


  • stephen

    thanks for this, shaun. can't help but be moved by the way this story is crafted – thanks for telling it. I will join you in praising God for how He is at work in the world!

  • Rich

    Thank you for the inspirational story. I cried as I read it in shame of myself and how much I complain sometimes. Don't get me wrong; I am a man of faith and grateful to God for all His blessings, but reading a story like yours makes me even more grateful and humble.

  • mike

    a figment of a primate's or group of primates' imagination.

  • http://www.facebook.com/naomi.ayala Naomi Ayala

    This is one of the most inspiring things I've read in a while!

  • http://www.fromtracie.com Tracie

    Amazing!! Miracles are happening everyday. Thanks for sharing yours, what an encouragement! Praise the Lord!

  • tazzy

    …and although He died for everyone in the world, not one of Jesus' bones were broken as prophesied…the truth is stronger than a lie, what a testimony…can you say purpose, can you say covered, can you say the devil is afraid of you…Joel 2:23,can you say it is ON!

  • http://twitter.com/brockhenning @brockhenning

    Shaun, I found your site on Churchrelevance.com, poked around your blog, then stumbled on this post. Incredible. Two years ago, my family (plus two in-laws; 7 of us total) were rear-ended in our minivan by a semi-truck on an interstate. Our injuries weren't near as bad as yours and your wife, but I believe a miracle is what kept it from being worse.

    And I like your mention of "choosing" to believe it was a miracle. God works miracles whether we believe or not (just like in Jesus' day), but I believe our choice to believe affects the world around us (seen and unseen) more than we'll ever realize in this lifetime. 200+ comments to this post affirm that belief. Thanks for sharing.

  • camethyst

    In medicine, we learn that HEARING is the last sense to go… Your testimonial truly proves the same.
    I appreciate you sharing your story today and not only glad your outcomes went well but also decided to be more conscious with my words when interacting with patients.

  • Tiana Cunningham

    That was a wonderful miracle….thank you for sharing! He had to allow you to go through this to see Him in yet another glorious way. God is so awesome and obviously had more for you to do here on this earth FOR HIM!!! Continue His work and lead His people well. GOD BLESS YOU!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000831675192 Garcia Jyrha

    Praise be to the Almighty God for everything he still operates in our daily lives.I still believe that God can perform wondrous things through his everlasting mercy and grace,but he still tell everyone to only believe all things are possible.Every believer knows what God performed while he was on the earth,dead people were risen,blinds recovered their sight, leprosies were purified,mad men were made well and so on,oh what a wonderful LOVE of CHRIST JESUS.What happened to you to brother, was for the glory of God that people may believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday,today and forever,may God richly bless you for this great testimony in Christ Jesus our Lord.



  • mosotribe

    Shaun big blessings and thanks for sharing your testimony! Continue to be courageous…and don't know what to say about the corn pops.

    Fuel Your Aspirations,

  • Jai

    You have an amazing story and testimony! May God continue to bless you and your family. I pray that he continues using you in such powerful ways for the glory of his kingdom and to reach many lives.! I have posted your testimony on my facebook page. God bless =)

  • Erin Clayton

    men i must say GOD is sooooo GOOD n right when we think its over is when GOD shows up n shows out n i think you for the story GOD BLESS

  • Caitlin

    This is awesome! I'm sharing this! God bless you! Thanks for posting this! Wow, what a testimony! :) God is so Great! :)

  • Alex Cabrera

    God is good and His mercy is incredible! You are a miracle and I'm looking forward to meeting you. (The link to the video is no longer valid)

  • Edgire Sanon

    Indeed a miracle happened God work and mysterious way. I witnessed a miracle two years ago my husband of 25 years had a stroke and then an aneurysm doctors stated that he wasn't going to make it due to the facts that his injuries were too serious; he was in a coma through the ordeal I felt the presence of the Lord within me. The doctors called me in to inform me that hope is ver grimmed; I felt down on my knees talking to God and i heard a voice that told me get up and looked up to see what i have sent you. Looking up i saw this man that took my husband chart and said this man need my help and he looked at his watch and said but my next surgery is schedule for this afternoon; I grabbed his hand and said the Lord sent you to help me and he answered yes He did. The ordeal change us for the better my husband connection to God is more profound; at time it takes it toll on me but, with the grace of God I know that He has purpose for my husband to spread the word that Our God does tha impossible possible and miracles is all around us if we take the time to listen to our inner self and stop fighting our destiny.

  • Valerie

    I read your piece in SF Daily Devotionals (Do Your Have Mercy Amnesia?) and loved the "down to earth" way you delivered your message. From there I went to you blog. Thanks for sharing your remarkable story. I was feeling kind of low due to some bad news I witnessed this a.m. but after reading your story I was reminded that God is always with us, making miracles happen. May God bless you and your family.

  • http://www.uexxeltraining.co.uk Niadee

    Shaun, I believe it is a brilliant idea to share your story so others can be encouraged. m Your story has certainly touched me!

    I have 'just' got home from driving tthrough snow and black ice with the car attempting to go its own way a few times!! It is the mercy of God that kept me safe, just like God kept you alive and safe so you can finish what he called you to do!

    I am looking to see that CD/Video very soon.

  • http://tanyetta.com tanyetta

    Your life was spared to show all of us that GOD truly exists! Thank You for sharing.

  • Blessed by You

    Thanks my brother for sharing your miracle story. It does give us faith. My wife and I are now engaged in a battle. I'm fighting to save my marriage and your word and story encourages me.

  • Sunny Stone

    I've just found your site after reading this morning's SF Daily Devotional "Win the Entire Race" written by you. I've now read of your miracle, as well as all 233 comments posted since this was first published.

    Six years ago, I tried to die and failed. That experience changed me forever, and continues to touch me every day. Since then, I no longer believe in luck, chance or accidents. I believe that God sent me back. I believe I have a purpose, and I've come to the conclusion that my purpose is to share my story.

    God is using you powerfully through your ministry; proving once again that God gives people second chances to accomplish his purpose in their lives. Thank you for sharing your story. I believe that it's time that I start to share mine.


  • rhondascooking

    What a testimony! Praise the Lord for his protection over your life and healing power especially in this terrible car accident! Thanks for sharing your message of faith and miracles with the world!

  • incurablehope

    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know, from experience, that it can take time to come to a point where you are able to share such powerful experiences with other people. Reflection upon our most painful moments is not easy. If you are willing, I'm hoping I can link this entry on my blog, so that people can hear your story. My blog is incurablehope.com and is about my journey to hope. Just let me know if that's ok with you. Thanks! <3

  • Tinkerbell

    Truly Yahweh through his son Yahshua… Had a lesson for you to learn, and it looks like you’ve learned it. It’s called #MIRACLES DO HAPPEN! So continues speading your words to the world… Someone or somebody out there NEEDS TO HEAR from YOU. (SMILE)

  • iamGRR8ful

    God performs miracles for us to witness and evangelize. They remind us of his unwavering grace and mercies. They remind us that we are powerless without Him. They remind us that He has a purpose for our lives. Thank you for sharing! You and Rai indeed experienced a miracle and have given others the faith to believe in them also. To Him, all the glory goes! Amazing!

  • Kerria “K.Snow” Snow

    Shaun, this is so powerful. I needed this. Wow! You and Rai are unbelievable! Such power in this testimony. I’ve often thought that this MS in my body was gonna kill me, or force me to kill myself. I keep saying “I’m a Christian, God won’t let me go through this”! What I should have said is God won’t let me go through this alone. We’ve talked (via IM) about chronic pain and how difficult it can be, but I never imagined you went through a windshield. Sometimes I think the pain is never going to end, but then I remember the Lord is going through this with me. is testimony is a powerful reminder that we’re not immune from tragedy or illness, but because of my faith, I’m asured that I’m not alone and that every moment is a miracle. God Bless you and Rai!

  • EbonyLolita

    Glory be to GOD and the Ancestors!!!

  • Corner Storeng

    Wow! God is good no matter our circumstance.

  • guest

    wow what an amazing story but sad…

  • http://www.jdorseysays.blogspot.com J. Dorsey

    Thank you for sharing this. I have been going through a difficult time lately. With all the senseless violence going on in the world, and losing my dad to leukemia and only daughter to meningitis at 7 weeks, I had started to believe that God no longer answered prayers and that we were just here alone. But,after reading your story, I know he does answer prayers. You are a walking miracle.

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