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I love HopeMob!

Since we launched last year, we’ve helped people all over the world in ways big and small. Our work has been covered in every press outlet available and last month was our most successful month in the history of our platform.  We are telling more stories and funding more stories (which means we are helping more people) than we ever have. I so love (yeah I meant to say it that way) what we’ve built and what we’ve accomplished.

@hope is roaring on Twitter, we don’t have any debt, we are incredibly lean, our brand is strong, our technology is stellar, we have a very gifted staff and board, and I believe our future is bright.

That’s Where You Come In

I sincerely believe that for HopeMob to continue down an exciting path of growth, we will need to become a partner with another business or charity that has the experience, the team, and the financial strength to take what I think is a really good organization and brand and make it into a world class enterprise.

It’s actually a bit hard for me to write this because I have been a lone ranger most of my life.  Over the past 3 years I have worked hard to get out of my own leadership bubble and to ask for help when I need it and lean on the team around me.  I didn’t use to do that, but my love for HopeMob and it’s future is much greater than my loner tendencies.

We’ve gotten many offers over the past 18 months from companies, charities, and investors interested in purchasing HopeMob and all of our intellectual property outright, merging with us in different creative ways, and more, but I just didn’t think they were the best fits.

I believe an amazing fit is out there.  It may be non-traditional.  It may be surprising.  Whatever it is, I believe deeply in my heart that the future of HopeMob has something to do with someone reading this blog right now.

Here are some scenarios that may be a great fit for us…

  • A successful charity adopts HopeMob and our team.  We become an official part of that charity.
  • A successful business adopts HopeMob and makes us the charity arm of their business.
  • We merge with another crowdfunding platform or social good enterprise.
  • A strong church adopts HopeMob and makes HopeMob an extension of their church.  I had previously not considered this, but with the right fit, it could work.
  • A strategic investor purchases the intellectual property and technology that we’ve built with the intention of growing HopeMob in unique ways.
  • We are also open to unique ideas and partnerships not listed above.

Some more thoughts…

  • I want to say again how open we are to creative ideas.
  • We would strongly prefer for several members of our team to remain in place if possible.  
  • I (Shaun King) do not have to remain on as CEO with the right scenario.  I will always be the biggest cheerleader and supporter of HopeMob no matter what, but I am very open here.

With that said, our team would love to begin considering your unique ideas and proposals right away.  Be creative and thorough.  Each proposal should be 4-7 pages long and should include the history of your work, what makes you uniquely qualified for such an endeavor, your financial capacity to do this, profiles of your team, how you think you will add value to HopeMob and vice versa, and uniquely compelling ideas you would like to share.

Email your proposal directly to us by Friday, June 21st to ::

If you have questions, we will try our best to answer them as soon as we can.


I have said for years that charities rarely collaborate – even when partnerships and mergers would make a ton of sense.  This is me trying to walk the talk.

  • Ken DeGilio

    Good luck on this journey.

  • Amanda Michelle Jones

    as a loner myself, i commend you for stepping out to do something really brave & bold in the best interest of your ‘baby’. i used hopemob from april-may to secure funding for my upcoming surgery, so i really hope the platform sticks around! best to you and the team.

  • ContraBullshit

    Brethren, it has come to my attention that you expect me to be a human sacrifice for your sins. Children, may I asketh, who in the goddamn hell came up with that Neanderthal bullshit!!!!??

    What are you, a bunch of fucking, deluded retards!!!?

    Blood sacrifice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??? Are you fucking kidding me!!!!!?

    —Jesus Christ

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