(VIDEO) Upfront – The New Tech Start-Up We’re Launching Here in NYC

by ShaunKing on April 1, 2013 · 2 comments

Upfront - 2.1

Under the radar I started working, 7 months ago, full-time to help launch a tech start-up here in the heart of New York City.  I can’t say much about it until we launch, but I can give you a few hints.

  • We’ve already launched our product privately and we are aiming to launch publicly on April 17th.
  • We are launching with an iPhone app, an Android app, and a full web platform.
  • It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever worked on and I’ve worked on some big stuff.
  • We just hired this amazing guy.
  • Including all of our amazing contractors, we are employing 12 people already.  This excites me for sure.
  • We have four very famous clients that will be launching with us and are in intense negotiations with about 10 more.
  • Our Board of Advisors is one of the best I’ve ever seen.
  • Nothing like it exists.
  • We are filing patents on new technologies that we’ve built and should have them in place before we launch.
  • We are about to close our second of funding.

That’s about all I can say for now!  Here’s a very cool video about our logo we shot on a RED cam in our office…

  • http://threethirtypm.com/ Jim Gray

    Man, I didn’t know the “Shaun In The City” blog was around anymore! Sound’s like you have some fun stuff going on .

  • RussJ

    I am praying for you, Shaun. This sounds like an awesome project, and I know you are gifted in this area. Hope all continues to be well in your personal and professional life.

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