A New Baby in Our Family: Obedience, Orphans, and Living a Grateful Life

by ShaunKing on September 25, 2012

(This post has not been edited for errors or political correctness.  These are my raw thoughts.)


Yesterday, within minutes of me posting this great news about HopeMob, my wife informed me that our family would, any day now, be welcoming a newborn baby into our family.  The mother is in early labor now.

Throughout our 11+ years of marriage, my wife and I have adopted a child and parented three foster children in addition to the three biological kids of our own.  We have tried to live out James 1:27 that says “pure faith in the eyes of God is caring for orphans.”  It has never been easy, but Rai and I feel strongly that God has continued to keep and protect us, in great part because of our willingness to welcome kids into our home at the drop of a dime.

Can I be real though?

At first, I didn’t receive this news well.

  • We no longer have any kids in diapers for the first time in 11 years.
  • All of our kids can talk.
  • Our family fits neatly into our mini-van.
  • My wife and I, for the first time in our entire marriage, feel like we can run errands or even have a quick date without actually having to pay for childcare now that our oldest is a teenager.
  • It is now a rarity for a child to get into the bed with my wife and I at night and I sleep SO MUCH BETTER.

For the first few hours after my wife gave me the news, I want to confess to you that I was salty about losing those conveniences.  They were hard earned.  However, I realized that the true victim in this story wasn’t me and my petty frills, but a baby – born to a mother that the courts have said cannot keep her.  She didn’t choose this life.  She deserves love.  My family is full of love and here’s the thing…

As I started to reflect on all of the doors that God is opening for HopeMob, I realized that it would be outrageous for me to expect God to continue opening these doors while my heart was not right about caring for this newborn baby girl.  If God cannot trust me to be obedient with this responsibility, why should God trust me with anything at all?

I want to live my life like I’m grateful…grateful to God, grateful to my dear mother who cared for me so well when she had no help at all, grateful to the people that look up to me as an example.

So…we weren’t really expecting it, but any day now we will be welcoming a sweet newborn baby girl into our family.

Would you please pray for us?

I hope our example encourages each of you somehow to step up and give life your best shot by being there for a child in need.

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