Why I Put Deadlines on My Dreams

by ShaunKing on April 6, 2012

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At my core I’m a dreamer.  I have a million ideas. Only a very small number of them ever make it of my mind.

When they do, I give them deadlines.  If you don’t give your dream a hardcore deadline, you will absolutely talk yourself out of pursuing it.  I fancy myself to be an aggressive dream-pursuer but even I hear so many voices (internal & external) that tell me my dreams are crap and that I should drop them.

I bet you have talked yourself out of dozens of dreams.  In fact, I’m willing to bet that the most revolutionary, world-changing dreams never made it out of the heart or mind of its holder.

I gave HopeMob a deadline of April 19th.  That’s not because we will be fully ready by then.  We’ll never be “fully” ready.  It’s not because we have everything we need – far from it.  I feel like I could use another 6 months, but what I know is that in 6 months I will feel the same way.

That feeling never goes away.  Every product and service you use today used to be a dream.  Somebody gave it a deadline.


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