HopeMob is Working!

by ShaunKing on April 24, 2012

Hey Everybody!

We have some amazing to share with you!

160+ people from all over the world chipped in to make little Wyatt’s wish come true and we’re not wasting time!  The project is starting today and we will send you updates soon!  Thank each of you that chipped in and all of you that spread the word.  This is why we created HopeMob!

Now, we have a brand new Featured Story.  Meet Carey Fuller - an amazing woman and mother on the streets of Seattle.  See that van?  They live in it.  Carey doesn’t want a handout – she just wants a job!  All of us hate homelessness, but rarely do we know quite what to do about it.  This is our chance to end homelessness for Carey and her family.

We need you to go now to HopeMob.org, join the team, and help us find Carey a job and hopefully secure her some safe housing.  Even last night they were driving around Seattle looking for a safe place to park.  We can’t let this continue!

Thank you all!  Let’s keep it moving!


Founder & CEO of http://HopeMob.org

Please join us now @
(128,00 STRONG!)
(356,000 STRONG!)
Let’s build the largest community of generous strangers in the world!

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