Please Help Our Daughter Kendi Reach her Girl Scout Cookie Goal!!

by ShaunKing on March 1, 2012

Hey Guys!
Our 9 y/o daughter Kendi is a Girl Scout Cookie selling machine! That’s her knocking on a door. Last year, I underestimated her and really got in the way more than I helped.   This year she has WORKED HER BUTT OFF and has sold 350 boxes.  She works day after day after day on this. I am sooooo proud of her!

If she sells 550 she gets 2 free weeks of Girl Scout camp and some other very neat prizes.

She has 11 days left to sell the final 200 cookies.

Email my wife, Rai, directly @ if you want to buy some and donate them to active duty soldiers.

Can you all help give Kendi a big push?  The cookies are $4 per box.  THANK YOU!

Email Rai @!

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