An Update on My Family and Our Future

by ShaunKing on March 21, 2012

(This post has not been edited for errors.  These are my raw thoughts.)

Last September, I stepped down as Pastor of Courageous Church in Atlanta after some real leadership conflicts.  I tried to do some revolutionary stuff there and it just didn’t work.  I’ve blogged about that here many times.  In the end, I was all the way beat down and about as depressed as I’ve ever been in my entire adult life.  I was in such a low place.

One of my heroes, Dave Gibbons, reached out to me and offered to move our family out to Southern California for a 3 month period of detox and decompression.  We had no idea if we’d stay for sure beyond those 3 months before we moved out to California, but after the first day here my entire family, including our kids, was hooked.  They loved Dave, they made new friends, they loved the weather, they loved the beach, they loved the mountains, they loved our new little town, they loved Disneyland.

For 3 months until the New Year I worked through a lot of issues and really just spent time healing, loving on my family, and adjusting to being in California.  I faced down many of my weaknesses and I now work side by side with a team that keeps it all the way real with me.  At the end of our first 3 months here, I felt more like my true self than I had in a very long time.  Our family was healthier and happier than we’d been in years.

At that time I was offered an opportunity to stay in California for 2012 and beyond and we decided to take it.  Dave and the teams @ NEWSONG Church and XEALOT offered for me to work as Director of Communications for the church and as a social media consultant for XEALOT, a separate non profit that identifies, trains, and unleashes people into their destiny.  I serve on the Pastoral Management Team of the church and almost all of my work is behind the scenes.  I like it.  I love the people I work with.  I trust them.  They are my new friends and family.  They loved me when I was a wounded duck and that means everything to me.

Dave and the team @ XEALOT believed in the idea of HopeMob and have become core donors, team members and founders of this movement that we’re building.  Without them, I’m not sure HopeMob would even exist.

We just signed a 12 month lease on a little townhouse (emphasis on little) in a small town here in Southern California.  It’s the smallest place we’ve had since our family was much smaller, but none of us care.  We love it actually.

When I’m not with my family I’m working for HopeMob & Newsong.  I’m happy.  My family is at great peace.  My marriage is great.  I feel energized.  I’m going to be keeping my family life and business a little more private than I use to and I think this is best.

I feel like HopeMob is going to be huge in its reach and impact and I’m working hard to prepare my life for that.  We think we’ll do some traveling to represent HopeMob, but we don’t know when and where that will be.

As always, we want and need your prayers.  Thank all of you that have supported us over these past 6 months.  It’s meant a great deal to me and I’ll never forget those of you that stuck by me when I needed you the most.

Love you all! Back to work…

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