Hardware is SEVERELY Overrated

by ShaunKing on January 12, 2012

You have lofty, revolutionary dreams.  I know you do.  We all do.

I just want you to know that a ton of iPads, iPods, iPhones, and MacBooks will not be required for your revolutionary dreams to come true.  The greatest human revolutions of the past 10 years (good and bad) that have toppled governments, assembled millions of protestors, and shook up world systems – were VERY LOW tech!

Sure.  You may need a cell phone.  You may need a computer.   But as far as hardware goes, you can make it off of those 2 things alone.  Even then, they don’t have to be the latest greatest gadgets.  Mine aren’t.  Rarely have I had great gadgets at any point in my life.

My hardware kind of sucks right now honestly, but it forces me to not rely on and instead rely on hard work, passion, ingenuity, creativity, and more to do what I do.  You can have all of the gadgets in the world but if you lack those things, it won’t matter.

The flip isn’t true though.  If you work hard, have passion, ingenuity, creativity, and some good people – your hardware can totally suck and you can change the world!

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