Cussed & threatened a man this week: Why it helps to have mentors

by ShaunKing on January 14, 2012

(this post has not been edited for errors)

Last week someone did something to me that offended and threatened me and my livelihood.

Angry, I fought fire with fire. I lost it a little bit, used some harsh words, and decided to go tit for tat. It was ugly.

At my core I’m a fighter. I prefer to fight for good and fight for people that are hurting all over the world. Threatened, though, my first instinct is to fight back. It stems from my past. It’s one of my greatest traits…when used for good.

Anyway, it worked and I felt like the end justified the means. The threat disappeared, but it was ugly getting there. Knowing this, one of my mentors communicated that he was not pleased and that I can do better.

I didn’t want to do better, but he’s right. He kept it real with me when I needed someone to keep it real. To go where I’m going I can’t lose my control when under pressure. That will close more doors than it will open.

He also gave me a simple tip to help me keep my fighting edge during the right setting.

Anyway, I just wanted to share my imperfect story with you and encourage you to have a mentor that doesn’t just say congrats.

Also, try not to cuss people out when you’re angry.

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