I Need 37 Airtran A+ Rewards Points to take my family to Seattle. Here’s how you can help!

by ShaunKing on July 26, 2011

UPDATE :: You did it!!! THANK YOU!!! We are done!

UPDATE :: Gerald just donated 1 point! 36 Points to go!

Shaun M. just donated 2 points! 34 to go.

An anonymous donor just donated 12 points! 22 points to go!

Michelle H. just donated 3 points! 19 points to go!

Michele B. just donated 2 points. 17 points to go!

Tenishia just donated 1 point! 16 points to go!

Nikki just donated 4 points! 12 points to go!

Chinua just donated 4 points! 8 points to go!

Kristin just donated 8 points! WE ARE DONE!!!!

So. I think my wife is going to hate me for this (I’m sorry baby. I mean well).  She will particularly hate me if I do it and it doesn’t work (Insert awkward laugh).

I am scheduled to climb Mt. Rainier (that’s it in the pic…above the clouds) outside of Seattle on August 16th.  That’s just 20 days away.  As you may know, I have pledged to climb the highest mountain on each of the 7 continents of the world over the next 4-5  years and to raise funds and awareness for compelling causes with each climb.  It is easily the hardest, most dangerous thing I have ever pledged to do. Mt. Rainier is seen as the best training mountain in the United States for those 7 mountains so I am climbing it to prepare myself for what’s ahead.

I am also raising $25,000 to purchase an amazing clean water system in rural Haiti.  So far we’ve raised $7,551 of that and 100% of those funds go directly to the charity and not to me. I have paid for the actual expedition costs and I have paid for my family to fly to Seattle so we can be together before and after my climb (they picked me up @ the hospital the last time I climbed in Washington), but I need some help…..ummmmm….how do I say this….flying my family back to Atlanta. I don’t want you to give us any money, because I’d rather you give it to the cause.  But I just signed my wife and kids up for Airtran A+ Rewards accounts.

In total, we need 37 points to cover the tickets for our return flight from Seattle to Atlanta and I am guessing that you, my friends, my dear generous friends (wink wink) have those 37 points to give! For 8 A+ rewards points, we can purchase one coach ticket.

I have 7 points and just need 1 more.  Between the rest of my crew we need 36 points. Shaun :: 1 A+ Credit Needed
Rai :: 7 A+ Credits Needed
Tae :: 7 A+ Credits Needed
Kendi :: 7 A+ Credits Needed
EZ :: 7 A+ Credits Needed
Savannah :: 8 + Credits Needed
Total Needed: 37 Airtran A+ Rewards Credits
Here is where I get sappy and tell a story that tugs at your heart. I don’t wanna be that guy that travels everywhere, speaks everywhere, and lives a life of adventure and leaves my family behind.  We try very hard to travel together everywhere I go so that we can continue to remain the extremely close knit crew that we are.  Because of this, I make less money, but we are one big happy crew. —–

Here is how you can donate the A+ rewards points:

1. Email me directly @ shaunking@gmail.com to let me know what you are going to do and wait for me to reply so I can let you know the most up to date totals we need.  I will also have to give you some the A+ rewards #’s for each family member.

2. When you get that information, go to this Airtran link and sign in to your account.

3. It will tell you the info you need to transfer the credits.  If you are an Elite member this is free.  If you are not an Elite member it has a small fee.  You will need your info and the info that I give you in step 1 above when I reply via email.

4. After you transfer the credits successfully, email me and let me know so that I can update the totals here.


I know I’m a wacky dude, but normal sucks and I really want and need my family close by for inspiration as I climb Mt. Rainier in 20 days. THANK YOU!!!

PS: Please share this post with everybody  you know so that we can get these points nailed before the flights get all booked up!

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