Pastors of All Colors & Genders

by ShaunKing on March 2, 2009 · 76 comments

colorHere and here I voiced my frustration about “national” church conferences that claim to have the best and brightest pastors and church leaders in the nation, but lack anything even closely related to diversity.  No women. No Latino, Asian, African American, or non-white American men are on the lineups of these conferences.

Some people are pissed that I’m pissed.  They even go so far as to call me racist for being agitated about it.  I know better and I hope you do too.  I may stir the pot up a little bit, but I hope that the end result is positive!

About a ten different speakers from these conferences have written me great messages and told me that they would sincerely like to make their speaker lineup more diverse, but that they simply don’t know any successful church planters or innovative church leaders of color or the female gender.  That is a problem in and of itself, but I think we can make a difference.

Yesterday my good buddy Gary Lamb put the ball back in my court and challenged me to assemble a list.  I can think of hundreds off the top of my head, but I want us to do this together!  On Friday I will be compiling this list into one power-packed blog post so that these pastors and conference makers can never again say “I don’t know  anybody!”

Here’s what I want you to provide:

The name of the pastor
The name of the church
Race or Nationality
A few things you know about this pastor and/or church

It’s OK if you name a pastor that has already been named, but try to keep the new names and information rolling!  One more thing…TD Jakes doesn’t count :-)

  • Kelli

    BIshop Charles E Blake
    West Angeles Church
    Los Angeles , CA
    African Americam
    Those his style is somewhat traditional, Bishop Blake has gained the respect of many church leaders as well as politicians and celebrities. He is the presiding Bishop of the Churches of God in Christ, but is most well known for his work in the Save Africa's Children campaign. He's not my pastor, but he's definitely someone my husband and I look up to.

  • DisneyCyndi

    B Courtney McBath
    Calvary Revival Church
    Norfolk, Virginia
    African American

    Bishop B. Courtney McBath is the senior founding pastor of Calvary Revival Church in Norfolk, Virginia. Since it was founded in 1990, Calvary Revival Church has grown to more than 7,000 weekly attendees. Bishop McBath’s work as a prolific speaker, songwriter and author has gained him recognition throughout the nation and abroad. His weekly television program, “The Voice of Revival,” airs nationally on the Inspirational Network. He lives in Chesapeake, Virginia, with his wife and co-pastor, Janeen, and their five children.

  • BDR

    Dr. Creflo A. & Taffi L. Dollar
    Sr. Pastors
    World Changers Church International
    College Park, GA

  • Korin

    Jeffrey Johnson
    Sr. Pastor
    Eastern Star Church
    5750 E 30th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46218
    (317) 591-5050‎

  • Korin

    Jeffrey Johnson is African American

  • Joe Butler

    Bishop Vaughn McLauglin
    Potter's House Christian Fellowship
    Jacksonville, FL

    He has helped to change the face of Jacksonville and is very respected in the city. Ready to help other pastors. He has a mentoring meeting every week for pastors.

  • rasheeda matthew§

    Pastor Calvin Duncan
    Faith and Family Church
    Richmond, VA
    African american
    Church motto: Living by faith and building Godly families.” He is the first to say it isn’t about him, it’s about building the kingdom. True, authentic, awesome testimony

    Also suggest:
    Pastor Bryan E. Crute, Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church, Atlanta, GA and

    Bishop Wellington Boone, The Father’s House, Atlanta, Georgia

  • Jonathon Burns

    Erwin McManus
    Mosaic – LA, California
    El Salvadoran

    Francis Chan
    Cornerstone Church – Simi Valley, CA

    Dhati Lewis
    Blueprint Church – Coming soon to East Atl
    African American

  • Kristasphere

    Pastor Carl W. Kenney II
    Compassion Ministries of Durham, NC
    Pastor Kenney struck out on his own to launch a non-traditional, non-judgemental community oriented church in the Triangle area. It is sorely needed here and I wish there were more like it.

  • DisneyCyndi

    Herbert Cooper
    Peoples Church
    Oklahoma City, OK
    African American

  • DisneyCyndi

    Stacy L Spencer
    New Direction Christian Church
    Memphis TN
    African American

  • Lulu

    Pastor Vince Hairston
    Calvary Christian Center
    Greensboro, NC

    This church is founded on the principle of being R.E.A.L., messages relevant to life experiences, ministries that focus on the community, and lots of love. Pastor Hairston leads with compassion and allowing others to be leaders. One of the greatest practices of this church is to create new and exciting churches. In the past two years, one church has been successfully created and the next church is under construction, to open this year. The reason for birthing new churches is to ensure Pastor Hairton is able to easily connect with ALL members (which is harder for churches with a larger number of members) and also enable those with a passion for ministry to lead their own congregation. This is an awesome church!

  • C. Sellers

    Shaun thank you for taking the initiative and speaking out on the importance of including Pastors of all Races and Genders in "National" Church Conferences.

    I submit and hope that you will consider for your list: Pastor R. Lockett Jr.

    The name of the church: Bethany Christian Discipleship Church

    City/State: Tampa, FL


    Link to article in Tampa newspaper about Pastor Lockett:

    Race or Nationality: Pastor Lockett is the only African American Pastor in New Tampa

    A few things you know about this pastor and/or church:
    R. Lockett, Jr., has been recognized by some as one of the most inspiring, intriguing, innovative and intelligent minority leaders of this new 21st century world community. He is the visionary leader and senior pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in Florida, the Bethany Christian Discipleship Church, "the place of Refuge, Renewal and Resurrection". He is an aspiring author, the host of the National S.T.A.N.D. conferences, CEO of R. Lockett Ministries (RLM) and Enterprises, the executive director of the Lockett Foundation and president of the Culture and Ministry Development Center (CMDC), all of Florida.
    He has a relevant and practical yet powerful conceptualization and interpretation of scripture for daily living and spiritual growth.

  • DisneyCyndi

    Dr. Cynthia Hale
    Ray of Hope
    Decator, GA
    African American

    I promise this is my last one (lol)

  • Lady Hidaya

    LOL to the TD Jakes comment!
    I recommend:
    Pastor Timothy C. Ross
    Pastor on staff at The Potter's House (TD Jakes)
    Dallas, TX
    African American
    He is the Young Adult Pastor for TPH but he is sought after all over the country.
    Young and on fire for the Lord with an uncompromising committment to the Word. He is no joke. Dude is a beast when it comes to Scripture. His goal is to make sure that our souls are anchored in the Word of God. And he does just that every Friday night. If you don't know, now you know.

  • Avril

    Or how about Scott Williams from I don't really know much about him, but he is on my twitter and he always has good things to say. His blog is

  • Rick Ellis

    I am currently working on planting a church with a team concept approach. One of my team members is a woman. We are facing many obstacles in allowing a woman to be a lead pastor in our church plant. So let me throw out the challenge for names and organizations that are allowing women in a true pastoral leadership position and possibly the women enjoying those roles.

  • Eric Hood

    Mike Satterfield
    The Church at Shelby Crossings
    Calera, AL
    African American
    Mike is the Senior Pastor of a very successful church plant in the Birmingham area. Great leader! I first heard Mike at a church planters conference hosted by Developing Churches Network.

  • Wendy

    Pastor Shaun, Thank you for opening this conversation. I can't believe he's not already on here, but I've got to put a good word in for Dr. TONY EVANS! Pastor of Oakcliff Bible Fellowship in Dallas Texas and founder of "The Urban Alternative" radio braodcast. I listen to Pastor Evans in the mornings when I can on the way to work and it always impacts me, making me realize if I've been living wrong, or encouraging me to walk a different way. He just speaks the truth, without candy coating the words, but from a heart of love and he has a huge depth of knowledge about the Bible. His church has an active ministry to urban youth and families. He has also served as an associate professor at Dallas Theological Seminary in the areas of evangelism, homiletics (whatever that is), and black church studies. He also served as chaplain for the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Mavericks. (

    Okay, one more thing though, and I hope you'll believe me that I'm saying this because I pray for you and your church and even though I don't know you guys, I love you guys as my brothers and sisters in Christ. I know you guys take the Bible seriously and want to live like Jesus, and I really respect that, so I've got to challenge you on the topic of women pastors. The Bible is clear as day that God has a divine structure to creation. He created men & women as equal in value to him (Gal 3:28), and he gave each sex abundant gifts, and He designed men to be heads of the homes in marriage (1 Cor 11:3), and to be the leaders (i.e. pastors & elders) in the church (1 Tim 2:12-13). I don't know where your view on women pastors comes from, but there is a big movement in our society to have equal roles in every way and this is not what God designed, it's robbing people of God's plan for them. So that's why I couldn't keep my belief on this to myself, I had to challenge you on it. We've got to follow God's word when it's clear. This probably sounds arrogant, and trust me, I didn't always realize this until someone showed me these passages, please feel free to educate me where your view comes from, but if it doesn't come from the Bible, I would plead with you to look up in the Bible for yourself, and see what you think. In either case though I've got you on the prayer list Pastor.

  • no_more_me

    Pastor Steve Trevino
    Very Hispanic/latino/mexican-american
    Exec Pastor – Victory Family Fellowship
    Pasadena, TX
    Twitter – stevetrevino
    Unapologetic preacher & teacher of the only true gospel – the message of the Cross. Christ’s death, burial, resurrection & the Christians calling to experience Christ through his or her participation in the story of the Cross.

  • DisneyCyndi

    Wendy I was just about to come back and add Dr. Evans (lol).

  • I'm just Saying

    Lol…If we can't say TD Jakes, I don't think we can say Creflo Dollar either…..But I third the Tony Evans comment, I know even the church planter conference planners have heard of him

  • Former Youth Pastor

    Your blog is fun because it drags me back into the church planting world! Of course, there are growing pains and things to be learned.

    I understand you want to promote great pastors and leaders but you are discriminating against so many based on sex and gender. This saddens me. Jesus opened the Gospel to the Gentiles and fought the system to open equality for everyone under the Good News.

  • Steve Hayner

    Name: Rev. Alex Gee
    Church: Fountain of Life
    City/State: Madison, WI
    Ethnicity: African-American
    Alex is deeply committed, rock solid, authentic, great communicator (3x Urbana Student Missions Conf speaker), author; finishing doctorate in urban studies; broadly multiethnic church.

    Name: Rev. Rudy Carrasco
    Ministry: Harambee Christian Family Center
    City/State: Pasadena, CA
    Ethnicity: Mexican-American
    Rudy is nationally known community development practitioner; lives in community; great family; serves on national boards; fantastic urban multiethnic ministry.

    Name: Rev. Dave Gibbons
    Church: Newsong Community Church
    City/State: Irvine, CA
    Ethnicity: biracial Korean-American
    David is one of the most innovative, committed, courageous people I know. Church ministry now spans 4 continents. Author. Fantastic communicator.

  • ScottWilliams

    Here are two of my guys that are doing it:

    Name: Pastor Brian Carter
    Ministry: Concord Church
    City/state: Dallas, TX
    Ethnicity: African American
    Brian is a sharp young leader, who leads a congregation of about 4k in Dallas, TX.

    Name: Pastor Herbert Cooper
    Ministry: Peoples Church
    City/State: Oklahoma City, OK
    Ethnicity: African American
    Herbert is a gifted leader and communicator of a multi-cultural church in Oklahoma City, OK. The Peoples Church is currently finishing a building project of a new state of the art 44,000 square foot facility that is scheduled to open this Easter.

  • Stuart McDonald

    Dr. Bryan E. Crute
    Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church
    Atlanta, GA

    Since 2001, Bryan has been recognized as a national church leader and pioneer in church health.
    He began partnering with Pastor Rick Warren by teaching church health sessions at Saddleback Church's Purpose-Driven Church Conference. In 2002, Bryan was honored with Atlanta's Trumpet Award. He also received a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Regent University in May 2002.

    In the spring of 2005, Bryan and Destiny were featured on CNN's "Faces of Faith" within a news expose that highlighted Purpose Driven ministries. That same summer, Pastor Crute and a core group of church leaders traveled to Rwanda with Rick Warren to train church pastors and expose them to the P.E.A.C.E. plan.

    In December 2005, Bryan received a Doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership from Regent University’s School of Leadership Studies in Virginia Beach, Virginia which lead to the founding of CCLMI (The Center for Creative Leadership and Ministry Innovation). In 2008, Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church was named the 6th Fastest Growing Church in the Nation by “Outreach” Magazine. Today, Pastor Crute continues to pastor Destiny Metropolitan Worship Church while helping people maximize their God-given potential.

  • Stuart McDonald

    Jay Cameron
    The Life Center
    Camp Springs, MD
    African American

    For more than seven years, Jay Cameron was one of the most recognized voices in the DC metropolitan area having hosted two number one shows at one of the area’s top-rated radio stations. Jay was ordained as a Minister in 1999 and soon thereafter penned his first stage play that eventually launched the phenomenon now known today as SEXPOSE. This cutting-edge, true-to-life production dubbed "the most graphic stage play in America," was birthed out of Jay noticing a lack of truth being presented to urban culture.

    In 1999, Jay founded Urban Change which is a community outreach organization. Urban Change's consists of individuals from all walks of life, each with a desire to aid urban communities. Urban Change's mission is to break the chains of bondage that many urban communities face.

    In addition to Urban Change, The Life Center was founded in February 2004 by Jay & Latricia Cameron. The goal of The Life Center is to lead people to Christ and to develop mature disciples of Christ. Jay understands that many people have been wounded in "the church" and in "the world". His desire is that The Life Center can be a place of healing and restoration.

  • KAMMs

    Zachary Carey
    True Vine Ministries
    Oakland, Ca

    My home church & pastor. This is and has pretty much always been a young church. His sermons are conversational and allow me to understand the word in a way I normally would not. Because of how he ministers and because of his genuine committment to the community, I find myself comparing other churches and pastors to this one and him, making it difficult to find another church home I feel completely comfortable with. Thankfully for me, he is always open to new things and new avenues (whatever it takes to reach those who need to hear the word). His sermons are on iTunes podcasts and help me stay grounded while away from home in college.

    Hope this helps.

  • M.Celita

    Francis Chan (speaks at large conferences often)
    Teaching Pastor at Cornerstone Simi

    Jose Luis Amezquita
    Spanish Ministry Pastor at Cornerstone Simi

    2080 Winifred Rd
    Simi Valley, CA 93063

    He is a solid man of God and excellent teacher. I heard him first at a Passion conference hosted in Atlanta, GA. He once stopped preaching, LEFT THE CHURCH, to be sure he really knew God. Love this man.

  • Philip Duncanson

    Anthony Carter
    East Point Church
    East Point, GA – New Church Plant

    African American

    Tony is commited to seeing God glorified through the proclamation of the Gospel. East Point Church is passionate about pointing people to Chirst and seeing the difference the gospel makes in the lives of individuals and community. Tony is also an accomplished author, conference speaker and faithful preacher of the Word.

  • Confused

    Do you mean the church planters conference is discriminating because they are not including pastors of color?? I hope you do not suggest that merely listing non Caucasian pastors of influence for those who may not be familiar to be some form of discrimination?

  • Former Youth Leader

    I know next to nothing of the conference. Only what I've read here.

    I was speaking to Shaun's list which by his own definition is discriminatory.

    Maybe I don't know better. Skimming the list I see established churches and pastors. Church plants are very different and they happen everywhere. My experience of non-white church planters is that they are often local and involved in the poorer communities. In my neighborhood, where we have a black population that is about 67% (compared to the average 17% for the city) I am in the minority. There are several churches, mostly "black churches". The closest church is a wealthy "black" church and that is the group they attract.

    As to why there aren't more (or any) non-white males at this conference, my guess is because of the marketing and resources. If there was a phone call and financial assistance provided, maybe a church planter with less resources would be able to attend.

  • Marcelo

    Dr. Jose Carlos Pezini – BRAZILIAN
    The Outreach Foundation (PCUSA)
    Atlanta, GA

    As a native of Brazil, Rev. José Carlos Pezini joined The Outreach Foundation in 2002 as a missionary to the USA among Portuguese-speaking immigrants.

    The Outreach Foundation is committed to planting churches among immigrants living in the United States. Identifying and training immigrant believers who have leadership gifts is the key to successful church planting in immigrant communities. Pastor Pezini plants churches among Portuguese-speaking immigrants throughout the United States. He has also developed a successful leadership training program for both Portuguese and Spanish-speaking immigrants.

    Pezini served for 11 years in Brazil as a Presbyterian pastor, ministering to two congregations and planting five other churches. He also taught theology at the Isbel Theological Seminary in Londrina.

    In conjunction with his work with The Outreach Foundation, Pezini is the executive director of the Portuguese Language Presbyterian Council, a group that advises the Office of Immigrant Ministries in the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (USA).

    Pezini and his wife, Odete, have three children and two grandchildren.

  • KAMMs

    How is he "discriminating against so many based on sex and gender."?

    If I read Shaun's post correctly he is merely asking for more diversity, which would be an addition to the conference. Not to take away pastors based on race.

    Am I missing something?!

  • Santos Samayoa

    Pastor Dan Vera
    Christian Worship Center San Jose
    PD was the first church plant out of Manteca, CA and went to his hometown in SJ but after a tragic loss of his daughter it didnt stop him but he continued to do what God has called him to do. Now he is running a mobile church (held in a highschool) he has mentored many great leaders.

  • Kristi

    The name of the pastor: Pastor Cory Hughes
    The name of the church: New Direction Christian Worship Center
    City/State: Mansfield, TX
    Race or Nationality: African American
    A few things you know about this pastor and/or church: I don't know a lot about Pastor Cory, but he follows me on Twitter. I couldn't actually get their site to load information about him. But, he seems like a cool guy. Here's a blog post that I found via Google

  • Bobby Manning

    Pastor Keith Battle
    Zion Church
    Largo, MD
    Incredible preacher and visionary. Planted Zion in 2000. Has grown significantly in number and impact in PG County MD.

    Pastor John K. Jenkins, Sr.
    First Baptist Church of Glenarden
    Landover, MD

  • dan ohlerking

    Dino RIzzo
    Healing Place Church
    Baton Rouge, LA

  • dan ohlerking

    ..just sayin'…

  • shaunking

    Thanks Man! On the real though – do Italian American's not consider themselves as White? Race is such a stupid thing in my book. Diversity is beautiful, but race is pretty stinking stupid. Really meant to divide people in so many ways.

  • dan ohlerking

    maybe the question about diversity comes down to "how different do we have to be from each other for it to be called diversity?"

  • KAMMs

    I agree. Another question is what kind of diversity are you looking for? There's diversity within races!

    But when you asked for a list of pastors you did ask to list their race or nationality. Race is different from Nationality. Someone can be Black (race) & be Italian-American (Nationality) if they were born in Italy or that's where their family is from. I'm not saying that is the case above, but this is just an example to show how important to choose words carefully. Like they say "be careful what you ask for."

    So what kind of diversity are you looking for? Racial? Ethnic? Nationality? Gender? All are different.

  • Rick Ellis

    I commented early on, but I still throwing the challenge out to identify women in ministry roles that are influencial in planting churches. Or maybe the request would be to identify church plant organizations that are open to women in this role.


  • shaunking

    Hey Rick…I have several man and will be sure to speak on that when I post on this Friday!

  • shaunking

    I agree Dan. Diversity with race can often be deceiving if everyone is from the same class or background.

  • Brookwater

    Dr. Samuel Chand
    Former President, Buelah Heights Bible College
    Atlanta, GA
    Indian (as in from India) American

    Dr. Crawford Lorrits
    Sr. Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church
    Roswell, GA
    previously was with Campus Crusade for Christ
    African-American (pastoring a predominately White church, which in my experience is very unusual. It was not a church plant, however)

  • Jolawn

    Pastor Jeronn C. Wiliams
    New Life International Family Church
    Lithonia, GA
    He brings the Word to life!

  • Cyndi

    Pastor Efrem Smith
    Senior Pastor of Sanctuary Covenant Church
    Minneapolis, MN
    African American

  • jeremy

    vaughn is a good guy

  • jeremy

    erwin and Francis ARE on the circuit and both very innovative!

  • jeremy

    he is innovative!

  • jeremy

    he'd be at the top of my list, I interact with a lot of churches, fewer are more professional and innovative than Destiny, he's SOLID! Shaun, if you don't know him, get to know him!

  • jeremy

    Some good ones already on the board here's another that brings a very different ministry style…that's diversity!

    Tommy Kylonnen from Crossover Church in Tampa

  • Another One

    Ravi Zacharias


  • no_more_me

    trying to figure out why the pastor i recommended wad deleted from this list.

    Email me direct if there was an issue with adding a hispanic pastor to the color wheel. If not, i will repost and pray he isn’t deleted again…?

    Thx and God bless.

  • shaunking

    Hey!!! We didn't delete anything! I will see if it went to spam. I think your username is being flagged as Spam because of how generic it is.

  • Steve Patton

    Chris Hill
    Youth Pastor Formerly of Potter's House and Jubilee (Boston, MA)
    Dallas, TX (Formerly Boston, MA)
    Af. Am.
    Dude grew youth church in BOSTON to 1,200!

    Benny Perez
    Church at Las Vegas
    Las Vegas, NV

  • Veronica

    Bishop Gary Hawkins, Sr
    Voices of Faith
    African American Male
    Stone Mountain, GA

  • Brookwater

    Hey Pastor Shaun,
    Did I miss your follow up post where you compiled all of this information and gave your thoughts? I love your blog and was eagerly awaiting that info!

    As an aside, another person is actually the son of Crawford Lorrits, who I recommended earlier. Bryan Loritts and his team planted a multicultural church in Memphis, TN that, based on the website, seem to be doing very well. I have heard him preach before and he was awesome!

  • Mike

    I don't think Black church planters have less resources. that is a misnomer. There are plenty of Black, hispanic, asian church planters that don't need financial assistance to come. Remember if a church is working in a poorer community they may have more resources than you would assume since it takes more to build up a poorer community. Michael Blue is regularly involved in meetings with T.D Jakes, noel jones, myles monroe, mark chironna, and more.

    Bishop Michael Blue has planted churches all over the country and has churches in the organization that involve different denominations

    Michael Blue
    Marion S.C
    Michael blue is african american

  • Mike

    I don't think Black church planters have less resources. that is a misnomer. There are plenty of Black, hispanic, asian church planters that don't need financial assistance to come. Remember if a church is working in a poorer community they may have more resources than you would assume since it takes more to build up a poorer community. Michael Blue is regularly involved in meetings with T.D Jakes, noel jones, myles monroe, mark chironna, and more.

    Bishop Michael Blue has planted churches all over the country and has churches in the organization that involve different denominations

    Michael Blue
    Marion S.C
    Michael blue is african american

  • Edge

    Where are you getting your information? I am the first son of Bishop Michael Blue and I know nothing of him planting churches. He serves as a voice of counsel to leaders and is a father to many. Your name dropping should not be the point of success in ministry, how people's lives are changed should be the end result.

  • Mike

    Why did you post this? I put Michael Blue on this list because I believe he will be helpful here. He is an innovative church leader and it is true he has been in meetings with the above poeple. And I was under the impression he planted pastor knight in new york. If I'm wrong then just tell me i am misinformed. But Why would you say I am name dropping? I didn't say I knew Michael Blue or am associated with him.You have no justification of calling me a name dropper. I didn't even leave my information. You should really think before you accuse people.

  • Edge

    Brother Mike,
    Pastor Knight was already in NY when he started pastoring. He was not sent, he was actually a part of the One Accord Church, under the leadership of Bishop Thomas Hill, after the demise of Bishop John W. Barber. He served there faithfully, until the Lord thrusted him to start a ministry in his mother-in-law's basement. Now the offense of me calling you a name dropper is a misperception. I did not call you one, I said your name dropping should NOT be the point of success in ministry. As a pastor, now, I am really concerned that we not lose sight on the assignment of our call. I actually commend your endeavors for this blog page and website, hats off to you. My father Bishop Blue is a great man of God and an excellent father in the Lord. He is a builder of people like no other, and I believe that God is going to give him a platform that reaches the uttermost parts of the Earth. God bless you sir. I am on your side!!

  • shaunking


    This blog and website is actually mine. Mike was just making a friendly comment and felt like you kind of took it the wrong way. Bless both of you. Let's just move on from that part of the discussion – it appears to be a misunderstanding.

  • Edge

    Last statement sir.

  • Mike

    Elder Edge, I see that my profile pic is very tiny so you probably don't recognize me but we do know each other. Please send me an email so that we can talk i'd like to send my number or get yours please shoot me an email
    That's why i took your statements the way i did. I didn't understand why it seemed you were alluding to me dropping names when you know my character.
    (Thanks Shaun, I didn't even consider the fact that he thought it was my website here. )
    Elder Edge, please shoot me an email soon with your number or so i can send you mine

  • Edge

    Please forgive the misunderstanding. Mike is absolutely right in recommending Bishop Michael A. Blue. I was ignorant in my haste of browsing his name, and not reading the article clearly. I clearly and openly apologize for responding in a seemly brash, matter-of-fact tone. It is this type of mentality that causes the Body of Christ to be segmented and dis-jointed. Readers please forgive me!! Much love to you all!


  • Linda Wurzbacher

    Pastor Linda A. Wurzbacher
    Church Planter / Senior Pastor
    Blessed Hope Community Church
    AKA Church At Movies
    Rochester, NY

    Tell Gary Lamb and Ed Stetzer I said Hi! :-)

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  • letjusticerolldown

    Does it occur to you there are many national church conferences with the best and the brightest and none of the faces are white? So the framing you do of the issue, somewhat reflects what you complain about. The architects of the conferences you look at know one or two minority persons—and think they are getting the best and brightest. But then you scan the landscape of conferences–and only see the white conferences. Maybe you are walking with the same blinders.

    A further thought is the conferences you are looking at represents a very stagnant part of Christianity. I can imagine conferences in the last five years of all the 'best and brightest' from the car industry meeting and innovating around the building of big new SUV's and pickups. The best and brightest of a dead industry might be best ignored.

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  • BriGette

    Yes I second that!

  • Ps.Parvez Sadiq

    May The Glory of Lord Christ our Savior be with you.

    Greetings from Pakistan.
    I am Pastor. Parvez Principal Bible College, we are serving the Lord our God through Bible College, Church, Sunday School, Women fellowship,& Evangelism.

    we have five qualified Pastors including me, a music teacher, cook etc, and 12 students in in our Bible college studing in our Bible college living in Hostel we are offering three years diploma in Christian Theology (G.Th) graduat in Christian Theoly.

    we want affliation with a trinity believer Church, we are independent. would you like to visit us.
    or i am wish to attend your coming convention or crusade.

    Pastor. Parvez Sadiq.
    office,,33, Sector.C, Street no 12, Akhtar Colony Karachi Pakistan.

  • Curt

    Pastor Cory is a true servant & all about meeting the needs in the community……. .www.OURNEWDIRECTION.ORG.
    2400 E MAYFIELD RD., ARLINGTON, TX 76014

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