Buncha Stuff Sunday (Can’t Find Gasoline Edition)

by ShaunKing on September 28, 2008 · 3 comments

  • My wife and I had a total blast yesterday as we celebrated our 7th anniversary.  We went to go see Les Miserables (it was the bomb) and ate an awesome dinner @ Legal Seafood (it was also the bomb).  Here’s a picture of our meal.

The Beginning of the Gasoline Fiasco

  • After we left dinner, I had to stop and get gas for my wife’s car.
  • Knowing that Atlanta is having a MAJOR gas shortage, I decided to drop my particularly pregnant wife off @ home before I started my gas-seeking adventure.
  • Having gas is not normally a problem for me (wink, wink).
  • When I dropped my wife off, I only had 11 miles of gas left in the tank.
  • After driving to six gas stations throughout downtown Atlanta, I couldn’t find one that had even a drop of gas – not even premium.
  • After striking out six times, I only had 5 miles of gas left in the tank.
  • Following me on Twitter, a Morehouse brother on Facebook told me that the ghetto BP by my alma mater had gas so I made the 4 mile trip over there.
  • When I got to the BP, I was shocked to find a TOTAL MADHOUSE!
  • Dozens and dozens of cars were lined up to get gas at the little bitty BP.
  • I was about 45th in line.
  • People were yelling, honking, screaming, and running out of gas while in line.
  • While I was in line, they jacked the prices up to $4.55 a gallon.
  • Three men with turbans were directing traffic in the streets and stoked anger (and pre-existing racial tensions) by barking orders at frustrated customers.
  • When I got all the way to the pump, they informed me that they were taking cash only and that they don’t have an ATM machine.
  • This didn’t pass the smell test for me (or for others).
  • Out of gas, I parked my car at the pump, to the frustration of other customers, and proceeded to walk across the traffic-filled streets to get money out of the ATM.
  • I got my gas and rushed home.

The End of the Gasoline Fiasco

  • My kids were totally amped to be able to wear pajamas and eat breakfast @ Buckhead Church this morning. They totally love it there!
  • My oldest daughter had a baptism interview today that went very well and will be moving forward with her baptism!  We are so excited!
  • My youngest daughter has one next week.
  • If mega-churches are so HUGE and impersonal, why have I bumped into this guy dropping off his kids two weeks in a row.
  • We invited Shannon, a new launch team member of The Courageous Church, to join us @ church this morning and were so touched to learn how on-time the message was for her.
  • Andy Stanly closed out his series entitled 5 Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith with his message on Pivotal Circumstances.  It was a serious, gut-check type of message that really provided a deeper understanding of how God uses tough times to strengthen our faith.
  • Check it and the other messages from the series out here
  • You need to listen to all of them, but particularly the last message from this morning’s service.
  • After meeting Shannon (our new launch team member) after the service, we learned that she was about to travel out of town for the funeral of her 22 year old cousin that just died in a car accident. 
  • She said that the message helped her in a powerful way and bought a copy for her family.
  • On my way home from church, I kid you not, I passed a gas station (the only one with gas for miles) that had over 100 customers waiting in line for gas!
  • I have to stop blogging and do some laundry if I don’t want my girls wearing dirty undies to school tomorrow!
  • Oh yeah, my wife has really started to adjust her stance on abortion after some real experiences we’ve had recently.  Check out her thoughts here.
  • Love y’all!
  • http://antwondavis.com Antwon Davis

    I don’t even have a car and I’m blown away by the gas-war phenomena. It’s crazy to see how much of an effect a gas shortage can have on a city. I guess it shows how greedy and luxurious we are as Americans. We don’t know what it’s like to “lack” as a nation, so when we do, we lose it.
    The message today at Buckhead Church was once again – timeless. Andy Stanley has a way of delivery that engages you with the scriptures. I can surely say that my hunger and tolerance for the scriptures and the Truth has increased dramatically since I’ve been attending Buckhead.
    And I just wanted to say that I really admire your passion for being a great father and husband. It definitely inspires me. I think brothers like you should be celebrated more. WHOOT!!!

  • http://adamblack.wordpress.com adam

    the gas shortage is pretty crazy. i have a diesel pickup that i hardly ever drive since i have a company truck.. we swapped the car seats over to it last night so kristy can get around in it while i’m at work. assuming i can find gas for my company truck, we should be set. but we’ll see how that goes. i’m not very confident!
    ps – that BP we talked about yesterday – when i was at tech everyone called that place “Mecca” haha

  • http://www.domesticdisclosures.blogspot.com IAD

    I think us in TX had something to do with that gas shortage. Well…really IKE did. Sorry that you had to experience that.

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