A Few Answers to Your Miracle Questions

by ShaunKing on September 30, 2008 · 3 comments

I am so excited to see the response to the post I wrote yesterday about the miracle that I experienced nearly five years ago.  Between Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blog comments, emails that you sent me, about 100 people responded.  A few of you had questions that I would like to answer:

1. Why did I just now talk about this?

While this is the first time I talked about this story on my blog, for the first two years after this happened I told my testimony to nearly every person that would listen.  I also told my testimony at nearly every church that invited me to speak.  However, because my blog has a national and international audience, I wrestled with talking about it on here because miracles and acts of healing are really shrouded in a bunch of fraud and phoniness around the world.

Late two nights ago, I just felt like I was doing a disservice to God, to myself, and to others that may need to heart this story by hiding behind the bad name that others have given the very real work of God.

2. Why did I feel the need to say that I’m not a "loon"?

I was joking a little bit, because I actually am a little crazy in the head (most church planters are), but I think that most people think ANYBODY that claims to have experienced a miracle is either a fraud, wants your money, has another angle, is unintelligent, or some other miscellaneous negative trait.  This doesn’t come out of nowhere.  I don’t care if you think I’m crazy, but I just want you to know that this miracle has nothing to do with me being a little crazy!

  • NKK

    As Shaun’s Mother I want to bear witness to the miracle. As Shaun said I did get the phone call and was told that both legs were broken in several places and when I saw him not to be upset because they getting ready to sew his face back together to stop the bleeding. So I was upset not so much for the supposely broken legs or cut up face but for all the pain my son would have to bear because he had already went thru so much pain from an incident in high school. Shaun has proven that with God, All things are possible I want to added somrthing to his testimony. I remembered Shaun and Rai both saying that the EMTs kept saying “If you can turn your music down.” and one of you tried but the buttons would not work. I think that God wanted people to know his presence and just maybe it would touch one person that did not know him.
    I also remembered the lady that stayed there with you calling the hospital the next day and said she thought they would tell her that you did not make it or if you did you would have permanent injurys and when she found out you lived she herself said she had witnessed a miracle.
    Love Momma

  • Gustavo

    I’m a little confused as to why they had too yank the door open to get you out, when you had been thrown out of the car in the first place. By looking at the picture of the car, it doesn’t look like there was a door to be yanked… just wondering.

  • http://www.Courageous.tv Shaun King

    Hey Gustavo!
    Thanks for your question. I was not thrown completely out of the car. My big hard face crashed through the front window and went we hit the guard rail I was thrown back into the car. I guess the door was jammed from the impact of hitting the truck at full speed and hitting the guard rail.

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