The Courageous Church is Coming to Center Stage

by ShaunKing on August 25, 2008 · 19 comments

Center_stageThe Courageous Church is coming to Center Stage – right in the heart of Midtown Atlanta in Atlantic Station! 

This is a BIG, HAIRY move for us as we prepare to reach the city of Atlanta with chain-breaking worship and a courageous, bold message of what it means to follow Jesus!

Nearly ever major artist imaginable has played @ Center Stage, but…

The Spirit of the Lord is about to move in a major way!  Get ready…here we come!

  • Andy McMahon

    I disagree with this blog.
    NO I’M KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! This is so exciting. Please let me know what you need from me to help out. (OOh, Let me play with that soundboard!) hehe.

  • Shaun KIng

    Hey Andy!
    We’ll be going out there a few times for test runs and hope to have you there bro!
    -Shaun & Crew

  • Shaun Sells

    Congratulations. May God richly bless you in your new home!

  • David

    You have officially raised the bar in church planting.
    I pray that Center Stage is never the same.
    Make it do what it do!!

  • Dion E.

    BANANAS!!! So excited that you all will be making JESUS center stage and center stage. It reminds me of when our church “Faithful Central” back home purchased the Great Western Forum. Like Center Stage it was a place where every artist had performed and where NBA title were won “Lakers” and then JESUS came to blow the roof off. Way to go COURAGEOUS CHURCH!!!

  • Josh Parrish

    Wow!!!! That place is insane! I am pumped for you guys and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in that place.

  • Shaun King

    Shaun, David, and Josh!
    Thanks a ton! I am hoping that you all may be able to make arrangements to share this time with us on 1-11-2009. Not sure right off if you received my Facebook invite, but we’d love to have you.
    -Shaun & Crew

  • Shaun King

    Hey Dion!
    Thanks for your comment man. I like what you’re saying.
    Making Jesus Center Stage @ Center Stage.
    Good stuff!
    -Shaun & Crew

  • Andrea

    Awesome news and awesome plans in the works. I also really hope to we can get some social justice small groups started for Atl! Especially dealing with child sex trafficking orgs. Atlanta is the number #1 city in the US with this problem!!

  • jason

    I’ve said it before- this is freakin’ awesome. Pulling for you guys big time.

  • Geoff Bennett

    Thrilled, amazed, and yet not surprised. I’d be interesting in hearing what went into wrangling this place. Congrats, Shaun and crew.

  • Geoffrey Bennett

    That last post was from me — Geoff. Not sure why it showed up as Jason. LOL.

  • Geoff Bennett

    Wait. Nevermind … I get it now. Sorry for the spam!

  • Milan Ford

    congrats fam! I am extremely excited for you!
    This is so big I almost feel like cussing. (smile!) Courageous indeed.
    Atlanta won’t know what hit ‘em.

  • Cyndi

    I must say I am impressed. Awesome, can’t wait to hear about the first service. Really glad for you guys.

  • Abiding in Christ, Amen!

    Yea GOD! I thought thats where you were “hinting at”. Congrats brother.

  • Shaun King

    Andrea, Cyndi, Milan, Jason, Geoff, and Abiding….
    Thank you all so much for your well wishes, prayers, and encouragement. Please continue to spread the word about the work that we’re doing!
    Your Friend,

  • D PLUM

    Do your thing, baby! ;-)

  • Shaun King

    Hey D Plum!
    I believe I will do my thing and more!

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